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Same-Sex Parenting

By raymi86 May 01, 2014 841 Words
Society in America has changed significantly over the years, and has become increasingly accepting of same-sex relationships; enabling homosexual couples the opportunity to experience parenthood together. Although many people have biased opinions on the matter and are objective to homosexuality, there is no supporting evidence that proves same-sex couples are less quality parents than heterosexual parents. Not only can same-sex couples offer children love and support, they can also offer financial stability –as heterosexual couples can. This goes to show that same-sex couples are just as capable of being good parents as anyone else in this world.

The most important value a parent can pr­oject onto their child in order for a healthy development is simply, love. Many things stem from love -such as support, confidence, and encouragement; all in which a same-sex couple can provide to a child. “I’m a baseball player who was raised by two wonderful, loving mothers. How can anyone criticize that? (Pearlman 309).” As heterosexual parents, homosexual parents have the ability to raise happy, successful children, too. “I think people need to judge others for who they are. Not by any prejudiced ideas or thoughts (Perlman 309).”

The stereotypical role play of the average American family includes a nurturing mother, disciplinary father, and obedient children. However, in reality, the value of mothers and fathers isn’t one dimensional –they often times exchange roles, meaning each can act as the other. This goes to show that women are just as capable of being disciplinary (males role), as men are capable of being nurturing (females role). Family structures range from heterosexual parents to homosexual parents, old parents to young parents, biological parents to adoptive parents, new parents to experienced parents. Meaning, circumstances vary, but the one thing these co-parents all have in common are that they intend on raising healthy, happy children –therefore lavish their children with love.

Stability is vital for the upbringing of children. Unfortunately, with the divorce rate increasing and the marriage rate decreasing in America, this has left for many single parent households -in which the child ultimately suffers. The advantage of same-sex couples being parents is that they can too offer a duel parent household. Not only does this enable the child to receive more love, attention and support, but it also means that the household (typically) generates more income –increasing the family’s quality of life. The security of growing up in a two parent household is extremely beneficial; ranging from financial stability to higher education. The likelihood of a child succeeding in school who comes from an actively involved (present) family is higher than a child who comes from an absent (single) parent household. The quality of life two individuals can offer a child differs greatly from one that a single person can offer. Being homosexual is not a disease, which is why same-sex couples pose no risk to the well-being of a child. Many people have the assumption that the child of a homosexual person is bound to be gay, too –which is often untrue. However, again, homosexuality is not a disease. Therefore, even if a child were to be inspired to “become” gay, he/she is still human. The most important duty for a parent to preform while raising children is to demonstrate healthy behavior –enabling optimal health. Being that homosexuality poses no health risks, nor does it restrict a person from preforming duties, society should have confidence in the same-sex couples raising our future generation. Unfortunately, there are plenty of circumstances where children are born into dysfunctional situations, and are therefore raised in unsecure environments; for example, teenagers who have children. The likelihood of a teenager providing a secure lifestyle for a child is rare, not to mention the quality of life for parent and child is poor. Often times, teenagers depend on government support and assistance, receive food stamps and low income housing -all while becoming single parents (usually). Being that childbirth is the essential part of life, it’s almost forbidden to tell a woman when she can and cannot give birth. However, the significance of birthing a child and the responsibility of raising one are equally important, and unfortunately many teenagers that are able to birth a child are unable to raise one. This is where same-sex couples are beneficial –considering they cannot birth children (together), they can however raise them. Homosexuality is becoming more fluent in American society, as the upcoming idea of same-sex couples raising families. However, being that this isn’t yet considered to be a society norm, many people are still very reluctant to believe homosexuals could be good parents. Fortunately, with the legalization of gay marriage in many states, same-sex couples can now experience parenthood more comfortably –while debunking the notion that they’re incapable of this duty. The more acceptant society becomes of same-sex couples being parents, the higher success rate they’ll have, and the better developed child they will raise.

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