Same Sex Marriage... Moral?

Topics: Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage, Marriage Pages: 4 (1492 words) Published: November 20, 2006
Many years throughout history, there has been a group of people who have fought for the right to stay alive and to be accepted into society. Homosexuals or gay men and women don't have many of the same rights as heterosexuals. One example from the past is the controversy if gay people had the right to vote or even use the same restroom as heterosexuals. In this time and age there is a different controversy, gay marriages. Gay marriages are starting to come up all over the world. It is a controversy all over the world; most particularly here in the United States. Is there really a definite yes or no as to whether or not gay marriages should happen?

A large group of activists against gay marriage would answer no to gay marriages. Most of these people happen to be very religious in their beliefs. Lots of religious groups won't/don't accept the nature of gay marriages. The Roman-Catholic church sees gay marriage as a nuisance. Most priests won't give the blessing a marriage to the gay community and those who do are ridiculed for acknowledging the marriage. Alot of the theory behind their belief is that God created Adam and Eve, a man and woman, to procreate. They believe that God agrees to sexual intercourse only as a means to reproduce. Since two men or two women can not produce a child, any sexual relationship they have is believed to be sinful. To the activist against same-sex marriages there is no disputing the fact that two men or two women married would be a mortal sin.

There are also a group of activists that would beg to differ with the above mentioned group. This group is largely made of homosexual male and females as well as their friends and family. This group is also made up of citizens with no affiliation with a homosexual, who just simply believe that all people were created equal and should receive all of the same rights, regardless of race, creed, gender, or sexual orientation. This group would respond to the above religious theory with...
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