Same-sex Marriage and Crystal Clark English

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality, Sexual orientation Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Crystal ClarkEnglish
October 30th 2012period 1

One local and national issue I want to bring about is gay and lesbian marriage. Although it isn’t an issue that has an effect on me personally, it does have a direct effect on my friends and many people around me.

People argue that same sex marriages will destroy the sanctity of marriage, when there isn’t even any sanctity to destroy. It doesn’t make sense to me that people can be so shallow and look at people for being what? Being different? For being gay? No one said that just because same sex marriage isn’t against the law everyone has to be gay or a lesbian or even like it. Refusing the right to marry the person of your choice is like taking away “freedom of religion”. Marriage is marriage, and sexual preferences doesn’t change that.

I don’t see how the government can put laws against same sex marriage. It’s their choice and its love! How can you put a law against that. People argue about this constantly, and use God as example God doesn’t love gay people but the Bible says “God so loved the world…” world meaning everyone. People also say things like God didn’t create gay people Yet the bible says “… through him all things are created…”. So it doesn't give you the credibility to win that argument. I believe they should allow gay and lesbian marriages all throughout the US because it’s the same as normal marriages. It's not hurting anyone, it's not taking anyone's rights away, it’s perfectly normal. They allow you to marry your cousin in more states than marry the person of your choice. Everything about this just flat out doesn’t make since. All that having same sex marriage illegal in some states does is refuse rights, and put more complication for people involved in a same sex relationship. Some of the complications include stopping them from being able to see there significant other in the hospital, or inherit assets and the list doesn’t stop...
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