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Same Sex Marriage

By zarcan Dec 22, 2010 584 Words

This semester we have analyzed the issue ‘same sex marriage’ by three different articles and we were asked to select one of them to examine one more time with merging our own opinions. In his piece “What Are We Fighting For?” author, Ralph Wedgwood focuses on the issue that general view of people all around, about the acceptance of legalized gay marriages. By legalized Ralph Wedgwood does not only bringing up the legal aspects that homosexual couples will get when they get married but also the acceptence of their being in the society. Unless couples get married, their relationships will not be taking seriously by their community. To show how committed they are to each other, they need a legal approval by the laws of the government so that these couples could buy houses and share their health insurance near by respect and acceptence. This situation makes us thinks that Ralph Wedgwood (2003) examination over general view on people’s head ‘‘marriage involves a serious mutual commitment to long-term economic and domestic partnership’’ is true (p. 374). He also stands contradictory with the State’ s attitude over using religion and moral values holding against homosexual unions. From my perspective, there is nothing to stand contradictory with Ralph Wedgwood’ s arguments about same sex marriage. The heterosexual unions who think they are superior than homosexual unions and have the power to control them should be examine their thought and movement before they act against them.They are the ones who idetify ‘‘what marriage is?’’ in general minds also they are the ones who is mistaken by looking at marriage as a contract with benefits. If they could benefit from the form they create, why do homosexuals want to get the same oportunities, they got banned? Proving the relationship between two human being, the intimacy of that relationship can not be someting written and signed after. Religion and moral values can not be written as well. How could communities use them to justify their opinons and actions? Ralph Wedgwood is right about mentioning child-abusers and rapist’s right to get married even if they are in jail. No one ever stands against this and louders their voices. Getting married should not be something that is written with laws which are contains heterosexual crimanals and excludes people are having the same saxe who are in love. If they want to use religion they should look back from this perspective as well. Why does homosexuality is the only ‘sin’ that they could focus is this issue. Isn’t moral values and culture what every commuinty creates by their own belief and tradition?

Looking back and self-criticism have always been an issue for the communities. They live what formed for them which is the easy way. When a couple who has been in a relationship for 4 years, they will waited to get married soon from their own society because it is what they learned - which is hard to change. Who needs changed opinion? Who has that time to spend for others? It is what thought to them and it must be true. Is there any chance for some one to fight for another?

Wedgwood, R. (2010). What Are We Fighting For? . In A. N. Eken,B. Rodrigues, H. G. Atabaş, J. Harris,

M. Güçeri, M. L. Bilgiç, S. Tack&Z. İ. Önel, Contemporary issues in focus (pp. 273-276).Harlow: Pearson Custom Publishing. 

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