Same sex marriage

Topics: Typography, Same-sex marriage, Social contract Pages: 2 (308 words) Published: April 9, 2014
Position Papers are due April 10. Students are required to submit both an electronic copy and a hard copy by the start of class on April 10. The paper must be 7-10 pages in length. Each student will choose an ethical issue that interests them or is pertinent to their future career. In the position ​paper, the student will be expected to • Describe the ethical issue providing appropriate historical information. • Make a thesis statement that summarizes the position you are choosing to defend. • Identify and describe accurarely two opposing ethical positions (Virue Theory, Natural Law, Social Contract Theory, Deontology, etc…) that have been taken regarding the issue showing an awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of each position. • Argue for your position on the issue that may or may not be represented by one of the historical positions reviewed. • Site all sources in a bibliography. A minimum of 15 sources is required. Use MLA Format for all aspects of the paper. It is recommended that you consult books and/or utlize the supplied Academic Research link. Do not use the internet. • The paper should be double spaced using 12 point font size and one inch margins. Title page is required. Total pages of 7-10 does not include title page and bibliography. • Students may choose from the list below or students may submit a topic not listed for approval. Position paper topics are due week 3. Students will be expected to submit their topic in writing to the professor on the due date.

• Abortion
• Affirmative Action
• Animal Rights
• Busing for School Integration
• Capital Punishment
• Children’s Rights
• Corporate Responsibility
• Criminal Justice
• Education
• Environmental Issues
• Euthenasia
• Foreign Aid
• Foreign Policy
• Freedom of Speech
• Globalization
• Gun control
• Homosexuality
• Immigration Reform
• Labor Rights
• Long-term care for the Elderly
• Multi-National Corporations
• Non-Violent Resistance
• Physician...
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