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same sex marriage

By kitty622000 Feb 16, 2014 1181 Words

Same-Sex Marriage
Same-sex marriage is one of the hottest arguments today. People are making a huge deal over two people of the same sex getting married. When really there is not a problem with this, unless one is created by themselves. Do you think that the law should be able to arrest people for wasting the governments’ time? The government sees a gay couple applying for their rights to get married as a waste of time. The problem with this is that they have every right a male and female have to getting married. People are judging other people for falling in love with the same sex. If it does not hurt anyone, then why is it a huge deal? Why are people trying to force other people to believe this is wrong? The U.S should allow all citizens the right to be marrying whoever they want. As of 2012, many states have legalized same-sex marriage. This is including some of the following, New Hampshire, New York, and Massachusetts. (Same-Sex Marriage 2012.) Some states pending legalization include: Illinois, Rhode Island, Delaware, New Jersey, Hawaii, California and Minnesota. So this shows how popular letting the same sex getting married is. Also that people are starting to be more open-minded and accept the idea of two of the same sex getting married (Same-Sex Marriage…) Studies show that our constitution says we have the right of marriage. It does not however, specify if they are not to be the same-sex. Divorce rates have actually gone down in the states that have legalized same-sex marriage. It is twenty percent lower, which is amazing. “For example, Massachusetts, which was the first state to legalize same-sex marriage (in 2004), also has the lowest divorce rate in the country” (Huff Post Divorce.) “The American divorce rates continue to be above fifty percent. First marriages experience a success rate of forty-fifty percent and subsequent marriage success rates offer diminishing returns” (Sarah Stringer.) So even though divorce rates are high for a normal marriage, it shows that same-sex couples are twenty percent lower .Which is funny since they blame gay couples for being the cause of divorce. But, in reality this proves that it is in fact, not true. Some people say that birth rates will fall and then this changes the concept of marriage and having kids. “Extending the benefit and status of “marriage” to couples who are intrinsically incapable of natural procreation (I.E Two Men And Two Women) would dramatically change the social meaning of the institution” (Gay Marriage Should Not...) Now, try to imagine some poor, dirty homeless child that was left to die. This child will need parents, how about the “gay loving couple” that would do anything for that child? These couples that can’t have kids could give the kids who need parents, a home and all the love they can give. If they are choosing to adopt these kids who they will not be an “oops baby,” and would not be treated as an accident. So adoption is a huge benefit of gay people getting married. The female gay couples could also be surrogate mothers and help other loving couples that want to have babies. So if you think about it, birth rates don’t really fall from this. It is just done in a different way than what people are used to. (Diane J. Savino.) Religion is completely against trying to make this legal .Christians believe, “They believe that it is hurting them not only in church, but at home, in their neighborhoods, and in the work place.” (Gay marriage should not be legal.) If they did not pay so much attention to this, then it wouldn’t be a problem. God would not want them to judge same-sex couples. They are not supposed to have hatred towards anyone. God is supposed to forgive all and not teach people to judge anyone. They recall in “This is a synopsis of the new book by Dr. James Dobson, marriage under the fire: “marriage is a sacrament designed by God that serves as a metaphor for the relationship between Christ and his church. Tampering with his plan for the family is immoral and wrong. To violate the Lord’s expressed will for human kind, especially in regard to behavior that he has prohibited, is to court disaster.” Well, that is not true. At least it is not true to those who do not believe in religion. Not everyone is Christian and think this. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Who is to say that this is right or wrong? Leave them alone and let them live their own life. Just because people think that pink does not look good on them; does not mean that everyone else should not wear it.

After watching state senate, Diane J. Savino, agreeing with her seems like the logical thing to do. She explains that everyone is worried about the scanty of marriage. People think that since two males are together this will ruin the scanty of marriage. Which, she says she is over 40 and has not had a relationship anything like the gay couple that she know. She said not the length and quality, which is the main purpose of a relationship and marriage. She says that a male and female could go to the court house and get married and they would not question the quality of their marriage, they would just marry them. So why not give the privilege of getting married when they have just as good of relationships as us, or better. She says that religion thinks that this will hurt them. How would this hurt them? They can still go on discriminating about things they do not believe as they always have. She said she is a Roman Catholic and that they are supposed to have their marriage chosen, we do not all believe that. So just because people think that two people of the same sex do not belong together, does not mean that everyone in the world thinks this. She also says that this is about fairness and equality, not political. This is true, it is about two loving people wanting to live and share their life together. So to say that applying for their rights should get them arrested, is out of this world. Why should they not be allowed to their rights as everyone else is? There are benefits to a couple not being able to have their own child but provide a loving home to a child that is in need. The divorce rates are down in the state that supports this. Religion, well, they should mind their own business. They can discriminate all that they want, as they have always. The scanty of marriage is not being ruined. So that should not affect the legalization of same sex marriage. They should definitely make same-sex marriage legal for lots of reasons. They should legalize every state in the United States. Some states are already legal, and some states are working on it, so let’s support them!

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