Same Sex Marriage

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Marriage, Law Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: May 18, 2013
As the world progresses it is getting hard for humans in everyday life to have equal rights or rights period. Some rights are more extreme than others, for Instance gay marriage is one the most talked and reviewed subject in the media right now. I feel that all humans should have the same rights no matter what sex they like. When they say human rights I feel like it covers all humans not just one kind of human. How do you feel about same sex marriage? Do you agree or disagree that same sex should be able to marry? I personality feel that they should because you like what you like and dislike what you dislike. Land of the free home of the brave but we are scared of change there is nothing brave about that. Same sex marriage is a big deal to a lot of people and is currently under review. Cupules that are same sex did not wake up and chose to be that way they were born that way. Even though they are looked at like mutants among society they still fight for their rights. I feel that they should have equal rights because I feel that it is love and love conquers all. No wants to feel like there are being treated like an outcast and I feel that society does that a lot to people. This has been trained to us as kids at home. Our Mothers and Fathers are to blame for the way the world is turning out if they would train their kids to look at the world with love then the world would be growing and not going backwards. We should be in a progressive stat and not stock in the same world that the generation before left us. Everyone has the right to feel and choose whatever they feel is right and or wrong. Gay marriage is often viewed as being wrong by religious people because marriage is portrayed as a woman and man uniting, not woman to woman or man to man. For this to be the land of the free it looks to me that the only free ones are the ones they chose. Legalizing gay marriage would show our openness to the subject. It would show that we welcome...
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