Sam Spady

Topics: Family, Rehab, Poison Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: October 14, 2007
Sam Spady
Death by Alcohol

The Sam Spady story was presented to Briar Cliff as a mandatory event for all incoming freshmen, focusing upon the dangers of drinking. The seminar began with Sam's history; her likes and dislikes, hobbies, like her enchanting drawings, and of course her tragic story. I admire her mother for having the ability to carry on and use her hardships to in hopes of one day eliminating someone else's.

I feel this was a great thing for all students to view, and I am more than glad I went; although I was impressed, there almost seems a darker side to alcohol poisoning than death, and perhaps that is the prevention of death. I related to this topic on a personal level. Two years ago, my thirteen year old sister had alcohol poisoning, though she is alive today, what she went through was amazing. Even being an adult in that type of situation wouldn't have made it any less traumatizing. The stomach pumping, sad look upon the faces of surrounding family members, endless test; rape, blood, you name it.

I can honestly say that my little sister to me is more of a hero than any individual on television, although she has no memories of the incidence, and probably still has not learned her lesson, I have. I don't see drinking as a fun time, or an escape from everything, but more as a death trap just waiting to ruin an individual's future, not to mention the futures of their close friends when a police file is filled, or a casket is ordered.

Although Sam's story was much different, I'm sure the same loss was felt by her family; a young individual in harms way is nothing anyone wants to see. However the impact the Spady family is trying to etch into the minds of young college students around is amazing. The cards with hints, video, and personal thoughts shared at the assembly were all helpful in reaching the younger generation. Not only was Sam's story shared effectively, but it was done without the use of terror. I'm sure most students felt a...
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