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Topics: Rhetoric, Barack Obama, Henry David Thoreau Pages: 3 (741 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Oanh Nguyen
English 1301.302
Due date: 02/16/2015
Rhetorical Analysis of “Why I Dumbed My iPhone and Why I’m Not Going Back” by Sam Graham-Felsen. Sam Graham-Felsen, the author of “Why I Dumped My iPhone And Why I Am Not Going Back”, is trying to convince the reader that besides the advantages of the iPhone, there are many disadvantages that affect the iPhone user’s lives. He uses the rhetorical strategies of logos, ethos and pathos to show the reader his point of view. He states, “The iPhone had certainly made my life easier, but had it made my life better?” Graham-Felsen uses many kinds of methods to create the logos of the essay. He starts the essay by denouncing the iPhone. His strategy is to let the reader know from the beginning how he feels about the iPhone. This technique makes it clear that he no longer thinks that the iPhone is a positive aspect of his life. He says, “On Black Friday in 2009, I said goodbye to my iPhone”. Plus, from the next paragraph and on, he narrates his story about using iPhone. He goes on to say, “In 2007, I was one of those people who obsessively . . . on the first day it came out.” Through the essay, the author used cause and effect to appeal to the audience. For example, in paragraph 5, when his wife asked him why it was so important to look at the iPhone instead of listening to her story, he had “no good answer”. He also uses the comparison technique to convince the audience, such as, “Before I got my iPhone, rushing to the airport was a Harrowing experience; after, it was actually kind of fun.”, “I had to buy a printer for my boarding passes” instead of getting it “instantly” through the iPhone . . . The author helped the reader to easily follow and understand his views by clearly laying out a sequence of events. From the beginning to the end of the essay, the author shows the audience the good and bad effects of the iPhone. He writes that he, “could check in route to my flight”, “instantly get my...
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