Salvation: Serpent and Snake-handling Services
Topics: Serpent, Snake / Pages: 4 (803 words) / Published: Dec 3rd, 2010

Salvation on Sand Mountain Cause and Effect Essay The trial of Glenn Summerford intrigued Dennis Covington and caused him to think about snake handling churches. Covington began to embark on a journey to his self-discovery after his coverage of Glenn's trial. During the trial Dennis noticed that he was becoming extremely interested in snake-handling services. He also realized that he was confused about who he really was. The trial made Covington understand that he needs to explore the world of snake-handling and decide if it was meant for him. Glenn's trial intrigued Dennis, so he began going to some of the snake-handling services in Scottsboro. Covington did not know anything about snake-handling before he started covering the Summerford trial. The first service that Dennis had attended was in March of 1992, at The Church of Jesus with Signs Following. Dennis had been invited to the church by Sister Bobbie Sue Thompson. The church was on Woods Cove Road in an old converted gas station and country store with a miniature steeple. At the first service that Covington had attended, a snake was never even brought out. The Church of Jesus with Signs Following was filled with many nice people and while Dennis was attending, he became friends with several of its members. Eventually The Church of Jesus with Signs Following came to a close and Dennis, along with the rest of its members, had to find a new place to hold their services. Brother Carl Porter, J.L. Dyal, and the End-Time Evangelist, Brother Charles McGlocklin, began holding brush-arbor meetings. Brush-arbor meetings were services that were held under muscadine vines, honeysuckle, and starlight, and this is where Dennis continued his journey. During the trial of Glenn Summerford, Dennis began to realize that he was confused about who he really was. Covington started looking for ways to learn about himself and his ancestors. When Covington's father died, he left Dennis a binder full of research

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