Salvage the Bone

Topics: Higher education, University, Sociology Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: April 23, 2013
What is the role of higher education in America and in what ways does diversity in institutions of higher education benefit the students, campuses and society as a whole? The articles “Benefits of Diversity” and “Higher Education and Children in Immigrant Families” complement and strengthen each other’s argument. The former addresses that diversity in institutions of higher education can benefit members of society and society itself, while the latter asserts that immigrants from foreign countries can create and contribute to diversity and improve society by implementing the education and perspective that they received in college to everyday life. Immigrants can bring diversity to the universities and students, institutions and society can all reap the benefits diversity can provide. Simultaneously, U.S society and economy will potentially improve as more and more immigrants obtain the skills and education necessary to work jobs that are important for the “long-run strength of the U.S economy” (Baum and Flores 52). I will express this relationship by emphasizing the benefits of diversity such as open-mindedness, desegregation of communities, improvement in intellectual development, accelerated work productivity and demand for skilled labor and how these benefits can work together to improve the well being of society. The relationship between these two articles is imperative to understand as it conveys the keys required to ensure a flourishing society in America and to ensure future prosperity of American society and economy. In “Higher Education and Children in Immigrant Families”, authors Baum and Flores assess the current state of young immigrants coming to the United States to obtain higher education, asking why immigrants from different parts of the world have different rates of acquiring a college education. Baum and Flores asserts that the status of being an immigrant does not affect educational attainment but it is rather the unique characteristics of...
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