Salvador, Late or Early by Sandra Cisneros: Literary Analysis

Topics: Feeling, Fiction, Literature Pages: 1 (406 words) Published: February 21, 2014
Sandra Cisneros, “Salvador, Late or Early” Literary Analysis Sandra Cisneros writes about the impoverished child whilst effectively using literary devices in her short story “Salvador, Late or Early” in order to unmask to those unaware, the undesirable conclusions that poverty has on children’s emotional state and overall innocence. Cisneros uses sentence fragments in order to create imagery and paint a clearer picture for one to imagine. For example, she opens with “Salvador with the eyes the color of caterpillar” in order to suggest that no one knows what color Salvador’s eyes are for caterpillars come in no common color. Since Salvador represents the impoverished child this may insist that impoverished children may be forgotten that they may not be considered in the majority, and thus only fragments of them can be recognized. This can also be seen for the “teacher cannot remember” his name, he is “no one’s friend” and he runs off in a “vague direction”. One can conclude that this child is facing extreme neglect by all people, and there is no care for where it is this child is going. Thus, since Salvador represents impoverished children, children in poverty are the ones facing neglect and are the ones whom no one cares for. This form of treatment almost always affects the emotional state of being of any individual adult or child. One may conclude that this form of living is merely existing, and that children facing this may lose their hope and their innocence. Moreover, the author’s use of metaphors helps show the internal pains and struggles of Salvador’s daily life. For instance, in the third paragraph Cisneros writes “inside that forty pound body of boy with its geography of scars” causing the reader think and reflect the struggles faced by children like Salvador and what it may cause them to feel internally. The paragraph continues with metaphors like “history of hurt” and “limbs stuffed with feathers and rags” all worded to express negative connotation...
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