Salvador Dali Museum

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Salvador Dali Museum
The Salvador Dali museum was founded by Dali’s leading collectors, Reynolds and Eleanor Morse. They were not only friends of Dali but also private collectors of his work. The couple stored the collection in their home for a long period of time, the even agreed to loan two hundred pieces to a “New York Dali retrospective” before finally deciding to give the collection a permanent home. Dali encouraged the couple to build a museum in New York, although they thought this was a wonderful idea they still kept searching. One of their goals for the collection was to preserve the collections historical integrity. When word reached St. Petersburg, attorney, James W. Martin worked quickly to persuade the Morse’s that sunny St. Petersburg Florida was the spot for them. After independent foundations were established to receive and manage the collection, the state legislature had appropriated two million dollars for the museum to be built and another on million to cover operational expenses for the first five years. The museum officially opened to the public March 10th 1982. since the opening their has been one expansion project in 1989, which allowed for extra 11,000 square feet, and added interior walls creating 125% more exhibit space. The collection now consists of ninety-six oil paintings, over one hundred water colors and drawing and over 1,300 graphics, sculptures, and photographs.

Every year hundreds of thousands of visitors come from around the world to see the Salvador Dali Museum and the vast array of art the collection encompasses. Why the thrill? Because Dali was a leading artist in Surrealism and his art work is very well known around the world. The vast collection at this museum accommodates anyone’s taste for any form of artistic appreciation. Like many artists Dali went through artistic periods, which correlated with his life and life experiences. With oil paintings from 1917 through the 1970’s this...
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