Salvador Dali

Topics: Salvador Dalí, Surrealism, Sigmund Freud Pages: 2 (786 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Salvador Dali was surrealist painter born in 1904 in Figueras, Catalonia, a major region of Spain. He studied art in several different parts of the country, and became a master at adapting various styles into his repertoire effortlessly. When he was a teenager, he became fascinated with the ideals and concepts of psychologist Sigmund Freud, which he carried over into his twenties. He liked the link between artistic works and the subconscious mind, which caused him to focus heavily on the content of his art. Dali became very aware of the things he was trying to convey to the viewer, all the while dabbling in erotic and dreamlike imagery. Another major influence on his work came from Paris Surrealists who liked to paint from the subconscious mind, not necessarily with a definitive purpose in mind for the outcome of the work. The surrealists, including and especially Dali, did not hide the fact that much of the imagery found in their works came directly from hallucinations. Drugs and dreams alike become the driving forces behind his unusual statements through his art. Furthermore, Dali felt that painting in this way provided a much needed release, as he viewed painting in a similar way to that of making love. In spite of being a flamboyant exhibitionist with numerous peculiar traits, he was, undoubtedly, an amazingly talented and hard worker. During his lifetime, he produced more than 1,500 paintings, as well as illustrations for books and lithographs. He created architectural and literary works, sculptures, plus scenery and sets for theatrical productions. He also collaborated on works with various photographers and fashion designers, including Elsa Schiaparelli and Christian Dior. Additionally, in the film world, he was responsible, along with Buñuel, for the short film "Un chien andalou", and for the short Disney cartoon "Destino". Nowadays, the largest collection of his work can be enjoyed in Spain at the Dali Theatre and Museum, Figueres, Catalonia. Surrealism...
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