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By nikaylagman Dec 03, 2013 684 Words
To our supportive Schools Division Superintendent Madam Luz C. Ariola, to our Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, Estrelita Cunanan, to our dedicated Principal Mrs. Estrelita D. Lecaros, to our Guidance Counselor Mr. Ronald P. Balatbat, to our beloved parents, teachers and staff, to my fellow graduates and to our friends and visitors who came to witness this graduation ceremony, a pleasant afternoon to all.

It is not what a man eats, but what he digests that makes him strong not what he gains, but what he saves that makes him rich, so it is not what he reads or hears, but what he remembers and applies that makes him learned; when he is learned that is the time that he builds.

It is said that it is in school where the youths are molded and their skills are developed. All these developed skills and good values taught in school will never be appreciated unless they are shown, felt and put into practice. We strongly believe that education is concerned with the development of the whole being. Therefore, even as the life of the mind is strengthened together with the physical self, the moral fiber must likewise be boosted. For true education will really guide to guarantee dynamic support, service, technology, meaningful economic and social development necessary to lay a strong foundation for growth and progress. Thus, this learning becomes a gift. It is a gift because there is a Giver, our Father in heaven. It is a gift because there are givers. They are our teachers, who unselfishly shared their knowledge to us, they are our parents, who never fail to be there for us, they are our classmates and friends, who have been with us through thick and thin, our community also played an important role in making us learned, for it is in this place where we commune and interact with one another. Lastly, our Alma Mater which have been our stage as we played the role of the concerned youth, and now as we make our final exit to this stage, we are now given the challenge to use all the learnings and experiences that we have gathered throughout this journey as our great tool for nation building. As we, the youth must prove that we are the foundation of this country for we are the pillars of this nation to attain success and development.

And how do we help in building our nation? Come to think of it, it is indeed our responsibility, but in our own small way, we can contribute to make a difference in our own life and in the lives of others. Let us set good example by exercising self-discipline, by using the required learning given to us, by being productive and not a burden to our family, to our community and to our society. Let our country be proud of us because we involve ourselves in promoting goodness in it.

Although this momentous event marks the end of our high school journey. It is now time for us to bid farewell and say goodbye to the people whom we shared memories with. But we must bear in mind that the quest we are about to take will begin as we continue to move forward, in order to begin our task of nation building.

And so, I would like to offer this graduation to our Almighty God for the blessings and Guidance that He gave us, to our parents who were our true heroes throughout this process as they give endless love and care, to our Alma Mater- Angeles City National High School for providing us a sanctuary of wisdom, strength and hope, to our teachers for the knowledge that they have supplied us, as they prepare us for the real world, and to my classmates and friends for the support and the time that they have shared to me, for the bitter sweet memories that we have made and the countless experiences that we shared together. That will always remain in our hearts. Like we always say “Alang Mangalingwan”. Once again to my fellow graduates, Congratulations!

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