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How to Make a Saltwater Battery
By Jonita Davis, eHow Contributor


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A saltwater battery may not be as strong as other commercial batteries. However, it is safer than other batteries that do contain some harmful chemicals. It is based on electricity made from saltwater. This is something that seems like magic to most people, but is really simple science. The premise is that the energy is produced as the iron oxidizes or is slowly "burned" in the saltwater, producing heat energy. this energy if guided correctly can power a very small, low voltage device. Making a saltwater battery is relatively easy and costs very little or next to nothing to put together. Other People Are Reading

How to Make Electricity With Saltwater
How to Build Batteries With Salt
Things You'll Need
2 qt. pitcher
Table salt
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Prepare a saltwater and peroxide solution. Mix 7 oz. of salt and 1 qt. of water in the 2-qt. pitcher. This solution should be very salty. After it it mixed, there should still be salt visible at the bottom of the pitcher. 2

Screw the light bulb into the base.
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Connect the wire lids to the two contacts located on opposite sides of the base using the clips. 4
Clip the other ends of the wires, one to the magnesium electrode and the other to the steel wool. If needed, use the wire cutters to produce a piece of steel wool that is similar in size to the magnesium electrode. 5

Stir the saltwater solution again. Then, pour enough of the salt solution is the ceramic mug so that it is almost full. Leave space to accommodate the mass of the steel wool and magnesium electrode once they are inserted. 6

Insert the electrode and the steel wool into the ceramic mug. Place...
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