Salt of the Earth

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Film Pages: 1 (373 words) Published: March 18, 2011
Salt Of The Earth

When I saw the cover of this movie I thought that I would not like it at all because it looked like an old movie and I really don't like the black and white style. Watching it surprised me a lot. I was very moved and touched by the actual characters and the moral of the story. Knowing that this was not a fictional movie made it that much harder to not get emotional. There where many issues addressed in this movie with the Mexican-American mine workers. In this movie they make it clear that there are prejudice against the Mexican-American workers. They want the same pay as the Anglo workers they stated. The Empire Zinc Mine took advantage of these Mexican-American workers just because of prejudice. I still see this going on in my time so nothing has really changed although its really not allowed now it is very clear people still use and abuse others. Making payments on a house is something that anyone can make a connection with.

Family is something that is very visible in this movie and to me makes the whole movie. The fact that there where gender roles enforced and later broken to help the other was a very powerful statement especially since this film was done in the 50’s where gender roles where strictly enforced by many cultures especially traditional Mexican-Americans.

I have to say that when the wives wanted to make a point that they needed better sanitation the men really didn't make a big deal about this issue until they themselves stayed home and had to see it themselves laugh out loud moment. One of the biggest if not the biggest issue that was raised throughout the movie was “Equality”.

This film didn’t really change me and my views what it did was make me smile at the fact that people stood up for change. It became an emotional moment when women where not just the wives, stay at home moms but the back bone of the men and having the husbands realize that was an excitement. Thanks to their wives they where able to get what...
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