Salt Cave Inc. Announces Expansion of Building Services to West Coast

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Salt Cave Inc. Announces Expansion of Building Services to West Coast

1888PressRelease - Dr. Margaret Smiechowski the founder and president of Salt Cave Inc is announcing expansion of building services to West Coast.

Salt Cave Inc., a company which provides clients with authentic salt caves, recently announced its expansion to the West Coast. Dr. Margaret Smiechowski, the founder and president of Salt Cave Inc., spent several years painstakingly researching and developing the technology to construct salt caves. In 2007, after building the first salt cave in North America, at the Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center in Rutland, VT, Dr. Smiechowski started offering her services to other entrepreneurs. As other businesses realized the potential returns in operating a salt cave, the industry and Salt Cave Inc. expanded.

As Salt Cave Inc. is celebrating this joyous news, Dr. Smiechowski wishes to use this opportunity to inform salt cave enthusiasts about the importance of a properly constructed cave. Proper construction and proper use of technology are crucial for client safety. Most of the technology is protected by trade secret so operators cannot tell clients how the caves were constructed. However, there are certain indicators that suggest improper construction. Statements like "my contractor had to learn how to build the cave" can indicate that the cave was not built by a specialist. Or, clients can visually inspect the cave; if recessed lights or electronics are inside a cave then the cave was not built by salt cave professionals. It is of the utmost importance that only professionals construct salt caves as some building materials can be toxic and slowly release toxic materials to the air.

Entrepreneurs interested in building a salt cave are urged to research any company they are considering hiring. "If you are shown pictures of previous caves allegedly constructed by a company, make sure that the pictures they show you are in fact one from their...
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