Salon Human Resources Management

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Salon Human Resources Management (HRM)

If I’m chosen to receive a SME grant from the state government of RM50, 000 to start a small business, I will open salon in this metropolitan country. Excellence in Human Resources Management will do more for the long-term growth and profitability of a salon than any other product, project or promotion. My aim is to help improve productivity –via- Human Resource management techniques. And to achieve it I provide information, advice, training and a range of services, working with salon employers to prevent HR problems and improve performance and productivity. When I put it in context, the success of my salon depends totally on the willingness and skill of my salon staff to perform their duties: To perform them well and to perform them more often to more clients. As the salon owner, of course I’ll employ stylists and or therapists. These stylists and therapists are responsible for the current state of my business. Yes, I manage them and I am responsible for their performance but unless I have been trained or have extensive professional human resources experience my employees will likely be performing below their true potential. The inspirational salon manager realizes that his or her staffs have pride, feelings, aspirations and needs and the take into account that many of them have ambition and want to succeed, whilst others just want to get along. So that, to be an effective Salon Manager I’ll take board and considers of three parties that I mean is the need of the salon business, the needs of employees and the needs of the shareholders. Simply having a set of Salon Employee Contracts and possibly a salon employee book is not enough to constitute a Salon Human Resources Strategy. Further if my salon employee, job description and performance appraisal are not bespoke per salon employee and their specific salon trade, chances are they do not perform their duties to 100% of their revenue building potential. Besides, a salon...
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