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The Known, The Unknown and The Unknowable
We are all taught what is known, but we rarely learn about what is not known, and we almost never learn about the unknowable. That bias can lead to misconceptions about the world around us. 【译文】 已知、未知及不可知

就已知而言,它是我们通常本所了解的事物,而那些了解甚少的是未知;对于那些我们几乎无法掌握的则是不可知。由于某些偏见导致我们对周边事物会产生某些错误的认识。 The known is pressed on us from the first. In school we start each course at the beginning of a long book full of things that are known but that we do not yet know. We understand that beyond that book lies another book and that beyond that course lies another course. The frontier of knowledge, where it finally borders on the unknown, seems far away and irrelevant, separated from us by an apparently endless expanse of the known. We do not see that we may be proceeding down a narrow path of knowledge and that if we look slightly left or right we will be staring directly at the unknown. 【译文】已知是压在我们身上的第一个问题。在学校我们开始每门课程其实在书的开始就已经充满了已知的事情,但是我们还没有意识到。我们只知道那些超过课本本身的另一种书,也是超过了课程以外的另一门课程。知识的前沿,它最终的边界是未知的,似乎遥远且毫无关系,这部分被我们从无穷无尽的已知部分中分离出来的。虽然我们没有看到,可能我们就会继续沿着狭窄的知识道路走下去,倘若我们能看得再开阔一点,我们就会很直观的看到未知的事物。

Even when we are right on the edge of the unknown, we may not be aware of it. Those of us who learned the history of the Persian Wars in school did not know that the events so vividly described are all based on the writings of the one source who survived—Herodotus. If you want to know almost anything that happened in the Greece of that time and it was not recorded by Herodotus, it is unknown and in all probability can never be known. But we did not think of his accounts as fragments of knowledge on the edge of the unknown; it was just more stuff from the huge pile of facts we had to learn about the history of Greece. 【译文】即使当我们正确的处在未知的边缘上时,我们有可能都没有意识到其实那是对的。我们在学校学到的波斯战争历史的时候并不知道这描述的如此生动的这段故事都是基于幸存下来的希罗多德提供的。如果你想知道发生在古希腊时期除了希罗多德的记录之外的其它事情,那些都是未知,并且很可能永远不会知道了。但我们不会认为他的那段记录作为部分历史的知识是在未知的边缘的。只是更多的一大堆史实需要我们必须去学习更多的希腊历史。

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