Saline Salt

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Saline Salt Company

The Saline Salt Company production process was simple. Their process involved extracting salt from six tanks of 900,000 cubic feet of seawater which could only be held on a large plot of land. As land becomes more valuable and rarer, expansion of the existing method becomes very difficult. Saline Salt Company could not compete with other companies that were producing larger amounts of salt in shorter amounts of time. Saline Salt Company did not expand as the needs of their customers grew. Silver Salt Granulating Company was Saline Salt Company’s first and only customer who bought every product they produced for several years. When Silver Salt Granulating Company developed a greater demand, they were obligated to reduce their purchases from the Saline Salt Company in order to accept a contract from another company that would promise them more products than the Saline Salt Company could offer. After years of being in the business, the Saline Salt Company did not change their salt production method to improve their efficiency and appeal to customers. This lack of improvement in methods could lead the business from flourishing to no activity.

Updating the company’s technology will put Saline Salt Company back into the game with its rivals. Improved technology will increase efficiency, allowing the company to produce more salt in shorter amounts of time. Production of large amounts of salt on demand will regain Silver Salt Granulating Company as a customer and attract new ones as well. In addition to updating their method, it is important for the company to advertise itself to potential customers. Because it supplied only to Silver Salt Granulating Company since the beginning of its existence, it had little exposure to the rest of the salt-purchasing industry. Updates in technology and advertisements are the most important methods to improving business for Saline Salt Company.
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