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effective front line

sales training
Organizations believe in developing their most critical team - the front line sales workforce - by imparting the right sales training through effective techniques that are best in the industry industries that train their sales force effectively so that their sales efforts get the desired results thereby impacting the company's bottom line positively.


ransferring corporate strategy to the front line sales team effort is definitely a challenge for majority of companies. In fact, a large amount of high-performing sales teams hold a strong sense of organization's goals and priorities with them, although, a considerable gap could be present amid the way the strategy is implemented or executed in the company and especially its role in sales. Typically, into that gap falls a huge portion of potential value. Identifying that, organizations are infusing their sales efforts with an added dynamic sense of strategy and promoting new methodologies in the process. And one of it is arming their sales force by imparting sales training that creates impact as it is a vital component of driving sales performance up by 19%. Thus, companies lay down strong foundation of training techniques to train their sales people to success. Here are three different companies from three different

Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Ltd.
The company has etched out a seven day induction module for its frontlines sales team when they join. In the first seven days they get trained about what is financial world, what is insurance, what are its various


October 2010

aspects, Kotak Life Insurance (KLI products, effective communication, etiquettes concerning different cultures, selling skills and recruitment skills. "Integral to this training is also a patented process at KLI which is a need based sales approach through a customized process which we call as cue cards which essentially enables a person to identify a customer's need areas," says Anand Dewan, senior vice president, sales & management development training of the company. Illustrating further, he says, insurance is a product which invariably is not sold to the customer. Dewan identifies two ways of selling. Either it can be a sales driven process, which traditionally has always been ? where a sales person is trying to, for the lack of credibility, push the product to the customer. For example, 'I have an excellent product and give me 10 minutes and I'll tell you all about it and over the next three minutes in a single long breath I give away all the products features, download irrespective of whether the customer understands or not'. Here, a sales person who doesn't know a customers needs, background, and financial situation, how can he/she claim that it's the best product for the customer? And, insurance is a far more personalized decision. Thus, KLI's sales approach is more customer centric rather than focused on 'skilling' the sales person, and, by default one is doing what is right for the customer as against the traditional approach. The process of cue cards is to capture various thought processes that any customer would have, which usually they do not share upfront like 'insurance for me is security for my family just in case anything untoward happens; insurance to me is a means to save in a disciplined manner so that in future my children don't have a problem, it is a means to me like say if I look at a plan of 10 or 15 years, 'x' amount of money should be available to me'. Now these are the thoughts inside the customer's mind, but, if the sales person only focuses on 'I have a great product for you', these thoughts never come out. "So cue cards are a means to get into the customer's head. That's what the entire tool is about, as it puts all these scenarios in front of the customer," emphasizes Dewan. Once these scenarios are put in the customer's mind KLI's sales...
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