Sales Promotions Techniques

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Assignment: Sales Promotion Techniques


October 3, 2010


Coordinated along with other promotional activities a firm’s integrated marketing communication program must direct its sales toward trade and consumers. Some real world examples to describe the classifications of sales promotions techniques might include; discounts and deals, increasing industry visibility, priced-based consumer sales promotion, and the attention-getting consumer sales promotions (2008). .

Price breaks are one type of trade promotion. The type of price breaks I am referring to are the breaks that permit a manufacturer to reduce a channel partner’s expenses through different sales promotions that discount its products. One example of this would be when a firm offers a merchandising allowance, which gives money back the retailer for in-store support of a product, and an example of this would be when a store features an off-shelf display for a brand. Another way in which a manufacturer can reduce a channel partner’s cost would be through what is called cases allowances. It provides a discount to the wholesaler during set period based on the sales of the product it has to order from the firm (2008). 

The visibility of a firm in the industry is very important. That is why there are other types of trade sales promotions that are implemented to increase the visibility of a manufacturer’s products to channel partners within the industry. An example would be choosing an highly structured show to display the company’s logo on water bottles at a local community event, or t-shirts that are given at a sponsored event. This type of sales or marketing promotion are in efforts to seek to keep the company’s name topmost when distributors and retailers make decisions about which product to stock and push. Some of these types of sales promotions might include the following; trade shows,...

References: Solomon, M. R., Marshall, G. W., & Stuart, E. W. (2008). Marketing:Real people, real choices (5th ed.). Upper Saddle =River, NJ: Pearson Prentice =Hall.
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