Sales Promotion Techniques

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Scope of Telecom Industry: Downloading a ring tone, watching your favourite movies of tracking cricket score, sending messages, doing internet and chating the list of activity that you can do using your cell phone is endless. To supplement stagnant voice revenues cellular operator are now turning to VAS to boost revenues in both data and value added voice service

Sales promotion techniques in Telecom

1. Tariff: Idea, Aircel and Docomo provide cheaper call rates to attract customers. Reliance and DOCOMO (CDMA) provide unlimited free calls on their network. MTS provides Free on-net minutes.

2. Network: Airtel and Vodafone having largest network reach in the country and they prmote their network rather than tariff.

3. Advertising:

a. Indoor : Advertising on retailer outlets through banner, poster, dangler, glow sign board, flex and tape rolls

b. Outdoor: Outdoor hoardings, gantries, bus shelter

c. TV Commercials

Sales Promotion Strategies


There are two types of sales promotion strategies: Push & Pull.

Push Strategy:

A push strategy involves convincing trade intermediary channel members to "push" the product through the distribution channels to the ultimate consumer via promotions and personal selling efforts

The company promotes the product through a reseller who in turn promotes it to yet another reseller or the final consumer. Trade-promotion objectives are to persuade retailers or wholesalers to carry a brand, give a brand shelf space, promote a brand in advertising, and/or push a brand to final consumers. Typical tactics employed in push strategy are: allowances, buy-back guarantees, free trials, contests, specialty advertising items, discounts, displays, and premiums.

Pull strategy:

A pull strategy attempts to get consumers to "pull" the product from the manufacturer through the marketing channel. The company focuses its marketing communications efforts on...
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