Sales Promotion Technique

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Sales Promotion Techniq
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Sales Promotion Techniques
Sales promotion describes promotional methods using special short-term techniques to persuade members of a target market to respond or undertake certain activity.  As a reward, marketers offer something of value to those responding generally in the form of lower cost of ownership for a purchased product (e.g., lower purchase price, money back) or the inclusion of additional value-added material (e.g., something more for the same price). Sales promotions are often confused with advertising.  For instance, a television advertisement mentioning a contest awarding winners with a free trip to a Caribbean island may give the contest the appearance of advertising.  While the delivery of the marketer’s message through television media is certainly labeled as advertising, what is contained in the message, namely the contest, is considered a sales promotion.  Sales promotions are used by a wide range of organizations in both the consumer and business markets, though the frequency and spending levels are much greater for consumer products marketers.  One estimate by the Promotion Marketing Association suggests that in the United States alone spending on sales promotion exceeds that of advertising. Promotions are all about deals, visibility, and working to “grab” the customer. Deals are the way to brand loyalty or creating product awareness and this is done by promotions which include: coupons, rebates, promotional Pricing, trade-ins, loyalty programs, sampling and free trials. Most consumers are quite familiar with this form of sales promotion, which offers purchasers price savings or other incentives when the coupon is redeemed at the time of purchase.  Coupons are short-term in nature since most (but not all) carry an expiration date after which the value may not be received.  Also, coupons require consumer involvement in order for value to be...

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