Sales Promotion for Nestle

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Sales PromotionActivities In NestléBangladesh Ltd

Sales Promotion is a most commonly used phenomenon in today’sbusiness world. It’s two way benefit is that it helps to increasesales as well as it increases customer loyalty. So most of thebusiness firms consider it as an important marketing tools. NestléBangladesh Limited is food and beverage manufacturer. It is thesubsidiary of it’s mother company world’s largest food andbeverage manufacturer Nestlé S.A. Before going to thediscussion of sales promotion in Nestlé Bangladesh Limited wewill first know the company.

About Nestlé
Nestlé is the world's largest food group not only in terms of itssales but also in terms of its product range and its geographicalpresence. Nestlé covers nearly every field of nutrition: infantformula, milk products, chocolate and confectionery, instantcoffee, ice-cream, culinary products, frozen ready-made meals,mineral water etc. They are also a major producer of pet food. Inmost of these product groups and in most markets, Nestlé is theleader or at least a strong number two. Nestlé is a very focusedCompany, with more than 94 percent of the sales coming fromthe food and beverage sector. Nestlé is present around the globe,on all continents, with around 230,000 people working in more inan 84 countries with 466 factories and with sales representativesin at least another 70 countries. Many of its brand names areworld familiar: Nescafé, Nido, Maggi, Polo, Smarties, Milo, Perrier,Friskies, KitKat, Crunch….Some of its products have brokenrecords: 3,000 cups of Nescafé are consumed every second. andKitKat merited an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records asthe world's best-selling chocolate bar with 418 KitKat fingerseaten every second around the world!

Key Information About Nestlé S.A.
World’s Largest food Company
Founder: John Heinrich Nestle in the year of 1967
Present in all countries
Tk. 7,000,00 Crore sales in 2008 ( that is 6.2 times of is year Bangladesh Budget) Over 280,000 employees
456 factories in 84 countries

Core Brands

Nestlé Bangladesh Limited
Nestlé Bangladesh Limited started its first commercial productionin Bangladesh in 1994. In 1998. Nestlé Bangladesh's vision is tobe recognized as the most successful food and drink Company inBangladesh, generating sustainable, profitable growth andcontinuously improving results to the benefit of shareholders andemployees.

The factory is situated at Sripur, 55 km north of Dhaka, thefactory produces instant noodles, cereals and repacks milks,soups, beverages and infant nutrition products. Today Nestlé Bangladesh Ltd. is a strongly positionedorganization. The Company will continue to grow through thepolicy of constant innovation and renovation, concentrating on itscore competencies and their commitment to high quality, with theaim of providing the best quality food to the people of Bangladesh. First commercial production start from 1994.

Total Employee 437 nos
560 Core taka sales in 2008
Total # of Distributor 78
Total # of Outlet 100000+

Core Brands In Bangladesh:

Nestlé Bangladesh Limited divides its core brands into twocategories: Infant category
Food and Beverage category
Sales Promotion
Sales promotion is the activity that provides special incentives tobring about immediate response from consumers, distributors andorganization’s sales force.Sales promotion activities can be divided into two broadcategories: consumer promotions and trade promotions.Consumer promotions refer to those activities that are designedto stimulate consumer purchase, in effect to help pull the product through the distribution channel. Common type of consumer promotion activities include coupons, free sample offers, contests,cash-back offers, and a variety of frequent buyer programs. Tradepromotions refer to those activities designed to encouragedistributors to purchase additional volume and provide additionalsupport to stimulate...
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