Sales Promotion

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Sales Promotion

Whereas advertising gives a reason to buy, Sales Promotion gives an incentive to buy

It is part of the Marketing spend of all companies and these days Sales Promotion spends in many companies exceed that of the ad spends . Consists of media and non-media marketing communications employed for a predetermined, limited time to stimulate trial, increase consumer demand, or improve product availability. Sales promotion is a specific item amongst your marketing instruments. Not to be confused with the positioning you choose within your marketing strategy. Sales promotion has always something temporary in it. You make special actions, special offers to push your sales over a certain period. If these actions lose their temporary character, they then become part of your marketing strategy. In this paper we present some examples of these actions and offers. We also consider the role of overhead publicity as a sales promotion tool. For those of you who are dealing with consumer goods, we emphasize the role of point of sales promotion. We recommend producers of industrial products or those who are in business-to-business not to use price as a sales promotion tool.

Two types of Sales promotion

Consumer Sales Promotion:
Directed at Consumers
Trade Sales Promotion:
Directed at Resellers
Significance of Sales Promotion
Sales Promotion Expenditures
Consumer Factors
Impact of Technology
Increased Retail Power

The 10 Commandments of Creative Sales Promotion
1. Set specific objectives
2. Know how basic promotion techniques work
3. Use simple, attention-getting copy
4. Use contemporary, easy-to-track graphics
5. Clearly communicate the concept
6. Reinforce the brand’s advertising message.
7. Support the brand’s positioning and image.
8. Coordinate promotional efforts with other marketing plans. 9. Know the media you work with.
10. Involve the trade.
Consumer Sales Promotion Techniques
Objectives of Consumer...
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