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T-shirt distributor specializing in athletic clothing, current focus is our new dri-wicking shirts for men and women. Selling to a retailer that needs shirts to print their logo and sell online.

A. Method of Prospecting:
a. Name of the method and give description of the process: E-prospecting or List of Prospects. After defining the ideal market young, amateur, recreational and professional athletes I searched for athletic social media sites that specialize in gathering groups of likeminded people in one easy to reach forum. b. I first used my list of clients to start my sales calls as we are determined to continually increase the sales, services and needs requirements of our customer base. i. I sent out an email blast detailing our new items that are for the sports minded or active clients. ii. I followed each up with a phone call answer questions, make them aware of the email and new products in case it was missed, and set up appointments with those interested. iii. I put together a special powerpoint on my iPad for each valued client to demonstrate how our new products would best service their current marketing approach. iv. I was able to obtain referrals of other companies that would be interested in our new line of athletic clothing. B. Sales Call Objectives. SMART Method.

c. Specific
d. Measurable
e. Achievable
f. Realistic
g. Timed – deadline to order
C. Customer Profile:
h. Company Name, Address, Website
Alloy Media, LLC
151 W 26th St, 11th Floor New York, NY 10001
i. Business Type: Athletic Social Network
j. People who Influence buying or aid in selling and benefits sought? v. ? Young professional Adults ? Do I make up a name? The marketing buyer who has extensive decision making and problem solving for the company. k. Is this an initial call or follow up?

vi. This is an initial call...
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