Sales Plan for the Sales Manager

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Building a Winning Sales Plan in 10 Steps 
1. Summarize Your Objectives
2. Identify the Strategic Objectives
3. Assess Prior Sales Performance
4. Segment Your Customers
5. Set This Year's Objectives
6. Develop Territories Action Plans
7. Develop Key Accounts Plans
8. Measure and Monitoring Results
9. Establish your Annual Sales Planning Cycle
10. Write the Executive Summary

The Sales Planning Guide for the Sales Manager

The purpose of this Sales Plan Guide is to serve as your guide in your role as Sales Manager. This model provides you with a number of sales management planning ideas and a variety of operating templates that can be used by you and your Sales Representatives in preparing your operating Sales Plan for this year. 

This Sales Plan Guide is meant to be used consistently throughout the year as both a planning and as a monitoring tool. The ultimate intent of the comments and the templates that have been provided in this guide is to empower you to build a useful and proactive business plan that will consistently assist you in your overall sales planning during this year. The real purpose here is to assist you in the process of writing a productive sales plan that will actually be used by you and your Sales Representatives in the real world. Clearly the expectation is that this guide will become a highly productive planning and monitoring tool and will not be viewed merely as a series of tables and graphs to be filled in without direct impact to your business. The other important advantage to using this sales planning model is that it is also expected that your resulting Sales Plan will be used as an effective communications tool to the other departments in your company that work closely with Sales. In this way, everyone is kept aware of your sales plans and should be able to assist you in the successful completion of the company's objectives. 

It is important that this document be seen and used as a guide. You should feel free to change and modify any of these templates to fit the specific needs and requirements of your own therapeutic area. In the majority of cases, templates and terminology have been used that are sufficiently generic so that they can be modified to meet as many different needs as possible. 

There are three primary sections to the Sales Plan:
1. Understand Your Sales Objectives
2. Develop Your Action Plans
* Rep Territory Plans
* Rep Key Account Plans
3. Measure and Report Your Results
Within these three sections are a total of ten components that follow the sales planning requirements for the overall year. 

The next page outlines how the Sales Plan that you will develop fits into the overall planning requirements of the business. 

Section 1: Understand Your Sales Objectives

1. Identify the Sales objectives:

Objective of this section: To present an overview of your company's sales objectives as they are defined in your objectives.

This introductory section of your Sales Plan requires you to identify the specific overall sales objectives as reflected in the annual business plan. The purpose of this exercise is to ensure that you clearly understand the sales requirements of the business plan on a quarterly basis and the company's overall business planning objectives. 

The template that is on the next page is a generic table that should be modified and filled in to reflect the specific definitions of your own products. This particular template defines the quarterly sales objectives for four products in terms of sales revenue, units and market share. In fact, you may have just one product and additional objectives that you monitor. 

* Be as inclusive of additional categories as possible rather than exclusive and limiting. * This is a table that should be widely communicated among your individual Sales Representatives so add any comments and notes...
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