Sales Performance

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Sales performance.
Current sales performance can be described as limited, due to strong competition and low popularity of our web shop. The customer is supposed to find offered products by registering an account on the web shop, where they gain access to their shopping basket and can place orders on desired products and purchase them by PayPal. However, because of poor website design and complex ordering and purchasing system, we have seen that sales have been aborted by the customers many times. Service performance.

Currently, company have a website, where customers can find desired products. Unfortunately, company's financial resources does not allow to use bigger stock. As result, only limited number and variance of product available for purchase. Customer support available, but it take to long time for employees to answers on e-mails and requests from customers. Sizzle performance.

Because of web site simplicity and limited number of products customer choose to use others web sites. Customer average website duration is low and web site design are poor, which results in low customer expectations. Navigation on website can be experienced as confusing by many customers and it's no search box or engine available for web site internal usage, for example in order to find desired products. Speak performance.

Communication capability between company and its customer are poor. Usually, customers choose to use other methods to buy desired products, for example use offline shopping or, simply change the distributor. But the main problem, that scare customers off, is the language. Because of company’s geographical location and staff, the company currently can offer services only in Swedish. And low experience and poor education, of employees working with customer support and theirs inability to answer on more complex questions contributes to bad customer experience. Save performance.

Currently, company have no resources to spare on any type of database or system,...
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