Sales Order Processing

Topics: Sales order, Supply chain management terms, Navigation Pages: 5 (1839 words) Published: December 5, 2006
Executive Summary and References
This project was all about becoming familiar with SAP. In this project we learned some of the basics about navigating in SAP, and we also learned about the basic procedures of Sales Order Processing. After we used SAP we wrote up a report telling the purposes of the project and how in depth the material was covered. We also gave information that could be added to this project in the future. We gave information on additional reading material on Sales Order Processing, more in-depth material on Sales Order Processing, and a logical progression beyond Sales Order Processing. We found all of our references at

Navigation in SAP R/3
Navigation in SAP is a very crucial part of the program. Without knowing how to navigate in SAP, you would not be able to use it at all. Navigating to what you want to do is the first step that you take when using SAP. Without knowing how to navigate through SAP you would not be able to do Sales Order Processing. With the vast amount of features in SAP it is important that you are able to locate the ones that you want to use. I thought navigating through SAP R/3 was very difficult and complicated. There are all kinds of ways someone could get lost in SAP R/3 if they weren't careful. There are many important features one has to know when using SAP R/3. For example, one really important feature in SAP R/3 is the standard menu icon, which can allow someone to immediately close the menu back to its original starting point. Sales Order Processing in SAP R/3

Sales Order Processing is an important next step because it is an actual feature of SAP. It shows you just what you can do in SAP. This step will walk you through and show you some of the basics and help you to understand how the SAP works. Once you learn the basics about Sales Order Processing you can apply that to the rest of the program. Sales Order Processing helps a company organize its sales orders. In SAP R/3, there are many things a company can do with sales orders if they need to. SAP R/3 can change sales orders if necessary, display sales orders, block sales orders, and it can eliminate duplicate sales documents.

All Navigational Issues in SAP
I felt that navigating in SAP was set up very well. The menu paths are a very good way to keep everything organized. It also makes features a lot easier to locate and use. Having a favorite's folder in the menu system is very convenient. Since there are so many applications in SAP, and one person will only use a select few for their specific job, it is nice to be able to locate the applications that you use most frequently. Another good feature is that you can change the names of the menus to whatever you choose. This would make it easier to remember what functions do what. Transaction Codes are also a helpful piece of information dealing with the navigation of SAP. These codes are a group of letters and numbers that is assigned to each transaction. This makes it very easy to locate your transactions. The command field can be used with the transaction codes to quickly and easily bring the transaction up on the screen. I felt that the navigational issues in SAP were discussed with enough extent to teach me the basics of navigating the SAP. If I were going to do this for a job I would definitely need some more training. As far as this project is concerned I think it was just about right to get someone started with SAP. The navigation options in the SAP R/3 System are intended to give the user as much freedom as possible when moving between screens and applications. To support this, standard functions are provided. These standard functions include: Back, Exit, and Cancel. In addition to the free navigation available by choosing functions or destinations, the SAP R/3 System can guide the user through a sequence of screens. This helps...
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