Sales Monitoring System

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Setenta, Nido
Tuscano, May
Mojado, Beverly
Manasis, Pelochie

A Capstone Project Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in the College Studies, ACLC College Tacloban City

March 2013


Name of Proponents: Setenta, Nido
Tuscano, May
Mojado, Beverly
Manasis, Pelochie

Title of I.T. Capstone Project: Motor Trade Sales Monitoring System in Real St. Tacloban City

Mr. Cesar A. Silay
Capstone Project Adviser

Mrs. Agnes Antonio Ong
Technical Adviser

Mr. Carry Von Alano
Panel Member

Miss. Gleciria Tan
Panel Member

Panel Member

Mrs. Arlene Teodora D. Cebu
Dean, College of Computer Studies


The researchers would like to express heartfelt gratitude and sincere appreciation to the following people whose kind assistance, encouragement and inspiration led to the completion of this research studies.

To Dean Mrs. Teodora Arlene Dacanay Cebu, Dean of College of ACLC, whose encouragement and helpful suggestions assisted them through the study.

To Mr. Cesar A. Silay ,their I.T. Adviser, for spending valuable time in checking the researchers’ work , closely monitoring the progress of the study and his assistance, as well as for sharing his brilliant ideas in the preparation of this system.

To Mrs. Agnes Ong, for always being there, keeping his eye and senses open for the errors of the write-ups, despite of rush hour.

To Mr. Joebert, Manager of Motor Trade Real St. Tacloban City, for accepting and giving permission to be the respondents, furthermore for entrusting the information of their establishments and patiently answering the questions during the interviews.

To dear friends, who in one way or another helped the researchers and for cheering out in times of hopeless situations, for the bonding they have shared during the group stay over. They will always treasure those moments. In addition they extend their great thanks to Mr.Ryan Malatbalat for her warm accommodation In their residence during the creation of project.

To their beloved parents, for the financial support, love, concern, and encouragement.

Above all, to God Almigthy, the source of wisdom, constant grace and knowledge for giving the researchers strength to endure the hardships met during the conduct of the study and for the guidance throughout the study.

Setenta, Nido
Tuscano, May
Mojado, Beverly Manasis, Pelochie



A Capstone Project
Presented to the College of Computer Studies
ACLC College
Tacloban City


In Partial Fulfillment of
The Requirements for the Degree
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Nido, Setenta
Tuscano, May T.
Mojado,Beverly G.
Manasis, Pelochie P.
March 2013



Through times people develop a high level of understanding and reasoning making them thinks beyond ways. Notwithstanding, the demands of time and things that we can do, made us very restricted in a sense that we started to find ways and develop innovative things to fill up the loop wholes in us and made our everyday life much easier. In business, information and technology arise. Most business experts would state that proper management of data and information are the key to a successful management of business operation. Eliminating the manual system and using a computerized operation are some of...
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