Sales Management Analysis

Topics: Sales, Consultative selling, Customer service Pages: 5 (1159 words) Published: June 8, 2010
Aspect of sales management that you are going to look at? |Why is this aspect important? Which questions are you going to ask?
Priority of the aspect? | |
|Customer analysis |This aspect represents the key success factor in assessing the business and setting the future goals | | |both in terms of customer planning and meeting the customer needs through organizing and reallocating | | |resources, human or financial. | | |The main questions which are to be asked are the quality and quantity of the customer base. Are the | | |customers that represent the biggest volume of the sales sufficient to maintain the business while the | | |rest is developing? In this case it is essential to see what part of the business goes to high spending | | |users and businesses, and how much business is coming from low-potential customers. These data would | | |mainly depend on the level of market development. If it is a low infrastructure market, there are | | |probably much less high-spending customers, and the rule of 20:80 changes more likely to 5:95, where 5%| | |of the customers account for more than 95% of the income. | | |Anyhow, the company should have obtained so far some insight on the level of customer satisfaction and | | |suggestions in which way should the provider develop. | | |Also, we need to set the goals and to adapt the strategy to current market needs. | | |Common sense implies that this task is essential before any other analysis or planning. We first need to| | |see in which direction we should proceed. What motivates the customers to remain with us, or to sign ion| | |as new users? Who should we target in order to expand our business? | |Market analysis/Trends |After seeing what are the business options, in terms of customers, the second step would be to analyze | | |the market in which the company operates. This aspect is closely related to customer assessment, | | |however, these two are not equal, but rather compile together to form a much clearer picture. The modern| | |telecommunications market is getting more and more similar to an FMCG with more and more players | | |entering the race. | | |If the market is at the low level of the development the needs of the customers, or at least of the | | |majority are likely to be also at the basic level, which means that the phone lines are considered as a | | |“luxury”, and the priority to the existing users is to have e.g. a direct phone line, without the | | |line-sharing (twin line)... The quality of the phone lines at this level is not considered as important | | |as the development...
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