Sales Interaction Report

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Sales Interaction Assignment BU 485

A. Examining the selling interaction

The first thing I decide to do once I read the assignment outline was going through the chapter 5 of the Sales Management book from William L. Cron and Thomas E. DeCarlo “customer Interaction Management”. This lecture provides me theory enough to start analyzing the most recent sales interaction I had.
In the assignment I am going to analyze a sales interaction that took place a couple of weeks ago in the Conestoga Mall at the Foot Locker store where I went to buy a pair of boots.

Other important info is that I am from Madrid in Spain so I am not used to very cold winter with lot of snow, so the first thing I did before going to the mall I talked to a Swedish friend who is used to this kind of weather to know what kind of boots should I look for with the lucky coincidence that he have been working as a salesman on shoe shop last year. So more or less I knew what I was looking for in which characteristics my boots should have.

1. What type of selling process model do you believe was used by the sales person? Was the process appropriate to the circumstance of the sale?

From my point of view I believe that the salesman used a Standardized-selling model. This kind of model, uses “a series of statements that are constructed about an offering, so as to stimulate a positive response by the customer”1. The grounds in which I rely to sustain my point of view are that the employee of the Foot Locker started using word as “this are the best we have” and “if you buy another pair of shoes you will get a 50% off” pretending to convince me that it was a great deal.

In my opinion the standardized model is probably the best in this type of sales interaction because the standardized model “is most appropriate in situations where a product is standardized or when the benefits are generally the same for all customers”2. The sales interaction began with the sales person saying: “Hello is there something I can help you”, my answer was: “Yes please I am looking for a pair boots that will help to pass the winter without trouble”. So he show me two different kinds of models that he considered the most appropriate for my needs.

2. What skills do you believe were used by the sales person in the pre interaction phase? For example, do you feel that the sales people had prepared themselves with product knowledge and had an objective for the sales interaction? Did they seem to have considered what a potential customer might feel important concerning the product or service? Had they determined a way to open up the conversation with the customer?

“As the term planning skills implies, the preinteraction phase occurs when you collect your thoughts and organize your interaction strategy prior to meeting a customer face to face”3.

Based on the information just given and from my experience the salesman had a bit of basic knowledge about boots because first of all he explained me that I should get one size bigger than the one I am used to wear in order to be able to put winter socks and also told me that with the boots I should buy the waterproof spray in order not to lose the quality of the material, but when I started asking him questions about the differences between the two pairs that he had showed me he completely failed due to he was not able to explain which where the main differences furthermore that the more expensive one´s where warmer.

3. What skills do you feel were used in the interaction phase of the sale? Did they use relating, discovery and advocating skills as described in the text? If appropriate, did they use gaining access and closing skills?

“The interaction phase generally refers to what takes place during a face-to-face encounter with customer”4. Is in this point when the...
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