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Sales-Force Automation-is the application of computerized technologies to support sales people and sales management in the achievement of their work-related objectives.

The SFA Ecosystem
The SFA ecosystem consists of SFA solutions providers, hardware and infrastructure vendors, and service providers.

SFA Software Functionality
account management pipeline management activity management product encyclopaedias contact management product configuration contract management product visualization document management proposal generation event management quotation management incentive management sales forecasting lead management territory management opportunity management workflow engineering order management

Benefits from SFA
Vendors and consultants claim a number of benefits from SFA implementation, including accelerated cashfl ow, shorter sales cycles leading to faster inventory turnover, improved customer relations, improved salesperson productivity, increased sales revenue, market share growth, higher win rates, reduced cost of sales, more closing opportunities and improved profi tability. These benefits appeal to differing SFA stakeholders: ● sales people: shorter sales cycles, more closing opportunities, higher win rates

● sales managers : improved salesperson productivity, improved customer relations, accurate reporting, reduced cost of sales ● senior management: accelerated cashfl ow, increased sales revenue, market share growth, improved profitability.

How SFA changes sales performance?
These include:
1. salespeople find that SFA is easy to use
2. salespeople find the technology...
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