Sales Forcast

Topics: Asset, Balance sheet, Liability, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Accounts payable / Pages: 3 (596 words) / Published: Sep 12th, 2013
Sales Forecast
After the starting of 3 months we would have to make over 6,280 to make a profit. After that the sales go up about 10% every month best case.
The Production will be taken place in the kitchen.
Explain your methods of:
Method of production would be to make sure there is always fresh pastry’s for quick pickup. Helping customers to keep us in mind.
Qualities we need for out location is high speed quick customer service. Our location is located around other bakeries so we would have to be quick and always have freshly made pastry’s.
Physical requirements:
We need a good amount of space in the kitchen and where the customer will be ordering. A high power due to so many things that are running all time and the ovens always being on.
All bakery products and ingredients shall be stored, handled, transported and kept so as to protect them from spoilage, contamination and disease. property insurance, liability for both premises and baked or processed goods and protection for worker injuries.
•Delivery people
In bakers we look for accredited culinary education, experience working on a team, quickness and things as such. In the shift supervisor someone very organized.
Raw materials to make the pastries and finished goods after they are made till they are sold.
Suppliers 3333 Sargent Rd. Jackson MI 49201.Through our expansive distribution network (20 Locations): With next day service to over 40 major metropolitan areas
Credit Policies
No I am not planning to sell on credit.
Managing Your Accounts Payable
A couple thousands on flour eggs milk things to actually ake the pasteries that you have to always have.
Management and Organization
I will be the one to manage the business on a day-to-day basis.
Professional and Advisory Support
To start off we will have me full time and one another employee also full time.


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