Sales and Iventory

Topics: Customer, Customer service, Iterative and incremental development Pages: 5 (1560 words) Published: January 25, 2012
Online Sales and Inventory System
For Marikina Shoe Exchange

An Undergraduate Research Proposal Presented to
The Computer Studies Department
College of Science
De La Salle University – Dasmariñas

In Partial Fulfillement of the Requirement for the
Degree of Bachelor of Science in
Information Technology

Inah Denise A. Almera
John Florence M. Delimos
Patrick P. Lozano

September 2010


1. Background of the Study
All things changes as the world progress on time. Man starts to fulfill their work from scratch and as generations have pass, man uses alternative to lessen the aggrevation of work One of these alternatives is technology which is evident in the enormous society. At present time, business establishments wants to seek the use of technology as a tool in incrementing sales and productivity. One of these companies is the Marikina Shoe Exchange. Marikina Shoe Exchange (MSE) is a group of companies selling footwear, apparel, body care, and household products. Most products sold by the company is Philippine made. This company is a family-owned Filipino corporation, owned by the Jardiolin family. MSE engages in direct selling. Natasha, Confetti, Xxtra, Vivacci, Gabrio Franco, and Shoe Studio are its sister companies. MSE’s history shows that it is deeply rooted on it’s sister companies timeline. 1984 marks the opening of the Confetti (named after the events of the EDSA revolution where confetti rains throughout the streets) Greenbelt branch and soon it blossoms around 1987 to 1990 where there is a notable rapid expansion of the said company. One of the company’s peak happens when they open another branch at the SM Megamall during 1989. In 1990, Natasha starts as a retail operation in Robinsons Galleria. Following that year till 1993 engraves the start of the Natasha Department Store outlets in Cinderella stores as well as in Landmark. In April 18, 1994, the group of companies launch its direct-selling marketing plan which is later revised from 1996 to 1997 to a new edge plan which is still used till present. The opening of the first MSE branch which is in Tutuban happens on September 1999. At present, MSE has thirteen branches which includes Tutuban, Dagupan, Alabang, Cubao, Davao, Cebu, Taft Avenue, Bacolod, Isabela, Cagayan de Oro, Starmall Mandaluyong, Pampangga and Imus, which is the location of our study. Although MSE has no mission and vision , it believes that they owe its success most of all to its adherence to its core values, namely customer service, discipline, constant improvement, respect for each other and honesty. MSE is still using its manual system on their transactions that cannot provide the securing and recording of daily transactions, the ability to provide an organized sales reports and the ability to keep track of the inventory, which would be somehow lessen the workload and the ability to keep track of the inventory, which would be somehow lessen the workload of the workers. And because of these problems manual system is very difficult to address. This study aims to dispell these problems by applying modern paradigm and methodologies to solve it and relate these systems synchronously.

2. Statement of the Research Problem

MSE being a direct selling company encounters several problems. These problems are:

Low Security of Files. There are chances of possibly loosing to data due to absence of citing the access levels in viewing and modifying data. Almost all elements are manually encoded including resultant values from computations. Unable to Monitor Products Thorougly. There are present uncertainties in the system such as assesing the supply if it exceed or is lower number of stocks. Without overseeing the quantity, updating the stocks from the supplier will have a delay which will eventually might run out and could lead to out of stock or phase out. Lackadaisical Report Generation. With the existing system, report...
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