Sales and Inventory System

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Chapter I
Project Background
Humans have a better life because of technology. One proof of it is that computers exist. Almost every person uses a computer because of its importance in our daily life. One example why a computer is of big help is that businesses continue operating more accurately and quickly.To be more specific, a computer is needed in business to facilitate the processing of the different transactions and records of the business. Since then, computers had become a necessity. In 1980, an auto supply named “Gordon” was established at #1648 G. Tuazon, M. Dela Fuente in Manila. At first, it only performed buy and sell and as the business grew larger, the owner thought of switching into wholesaling. As their success continues to grow, after wholesaling, they already began retailing and after retailing, they tried separating wholesaling from retailing and up to now that’s how they operate.

Based from the owner, Iris Yao, the performance of their store lacks speed, accuracy and stability, causing them to lose customers. Gordon Auto Supply is having trouble with their records. They can’t determine their products which are running low and also sometimes they thought a specific set of products is almost out but only misplaced or transferred to another location. Even their product list is written manually which also affects the speed of transaction or any other records. Any other kinds of records like daily and weekly sales are also monitored manually which makes things difficult for them to handle. Because of these problems they cannot determine quickly the slow or fast moving products of their store. Having no product list also confuses them on determining specific products that a customer wants. Sometimes they thought that this product is what the customer wants but because of confusion, they are giving the wrong products to their customers.

Objectives of the Project
The objectives of the project consist of the benefits that the study will achieve as a result of spending time and exerting effort to finish it and the objectives of the project will also help the firm improve their current system.

General Objective
The study aims to develop a Lan-Based Sales and Inventory System that would provide Gordon Auto Supply a better maintenance to their reports, products and sales. This would also help them lessen the errors and increase the accuracy and efficiency of the store.

Specific Objectives
* To design a prototype of sales and inventory system that will help the firm operate faster, better maintenance and improved monitoring level in terms of business operations. * To develop a system that will help the firm determine the products which are in critical level and avoid confusion in selling specific product that can cause them to delay some transactions. * To test, evaluate and implement the sales and inventory system and make use of what the system is capable of.

Statement of Work
Statement of work is necessary for specifying deliverables to be provided. It is also required to provide clear direction to projects if it is to succeed.

Scope of the Project
The project covers on development and the implementation of the Lan-Based Sales and Inventory System for the Gordon Auto Supply. The project also focuses on improving the current system that the firm is using and includes notification on products which are about to run low quantity .

The proposed project also has the capability to generate reports such as receipts, purchase order to the supplier, official receipts and their daily, weekly and monthly sales so that the firm can easily detect and fix different kinds of problems. The proposed system can add, edit, delete and search for products if necessary. Users can log in to the system if they have the security to use it.

The system does not have the capability to operate online like accepting payments or any other kinds of online transaction. *...
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