Sales and Inventory

Topics: Inventory, Supply chain management terms, Transaction processing Pages: 12 (3511 words) Published: February 25, 2011
Chapter 1
Technology has made it possible for businesses to become the much more successful. Automation represents of the major trends of the 20th century. The belief has grown out of the belief that automated system provide superior reliability, improved perrformance and reduced cost for the performance of many functions. The automation has steadily advanced as means have been for automating physical, perpetual,and more recently cognitive task in all kinds of system. People are encountering different problems in usning manual process. That is why continuing discoveries in automating these processes are being pursued in order to make mans’ life more convenient and comfortable. Many institutions and organizations like auto supply are now aware with this technology such as computers. And the belief in business,the key to attaining the Millenium Development Goals is a system that can automate the task is currently just a dream. Because of this advancement, the time consuming task, illiteracy and mistakes are lessened. In business Computer-Based technology has helped developed more advanced and has allowed the rise of a leisure business. Businesses around the world are faced with perpetually recurring problem. Through the use of computer, the ability in doing task is now easy. In many cases automation has provided the desired benefits and has motivated the researchers to conduct the study about a Computer-Based computation of bills and inventory system. The subject of the study was the F.CUREG AUTO-SUPPLY in Iba, Zambales,. Based on the interview and observation conducted by the researchers. they found out that computation of the customers’ bill and inventory of product was done manuallly. Background of the Study

The woman behind endevor was Mrs. Ruby C. Santillan who became the manager of the Auto Supply. Through her, the dream of establishing a business became reality. The Auto Supply has been offering a high profile services which are open to all customers. Currently the F.CUREG Auto Supply of Iba, Zambales uses a manual system of operations in handling transaction regarding with the computation of customers’ bill as well in the inventory of products. Based on the investigation made, the researcher were able to identify the problems faced by trhe organization in its current system of operations. These were trimmed down to security of (a) Security of Data and Information

(b) Accuracy of Data and Information
(c) Speed of Processing
(d) User-friendliness of Ease of Procedure
The following were the problems that ther researchers believed as existing in the current system of operation used by F. Cureg Auto-Supply in relation to the aforementioned main problems. (a) There are times when a customers’ bill is miscalculated. (b) There are times when records of stocks products are not regularly monitored and updated (c) Computation of customers’ bill takes a lot time.

(d) Generating reports consume too much time.
(e) Files are not kept at one place making them misplaced and accessible to an unauthorized person. (f) No procedure for creating and securing backups is beingv implemented. (g) No procedure for creating and official receipt.

Due to these inconviences, the researchers attempted to design and develop a computer-based computation of bills and inventory of product system that can be utilized by the F. Cureg Auto-Supply of Iba, Zambales. Through automated features and compter facilitated operation that will be incorporated in this proposed system, the said organization will be provided with much more efficient and reliable procedures in handling transactions with the customers, and will be able to keep and manage records in much more secured, accurate , speedly and easier way. Objectives

(a). General
* To identify the problems which exist in the manual method?
* To find solution mto thge problems identified in the organization....
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