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1/ A Software project manuscript presented as a partial fulfillment of the requirements for graduation with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from the Visayas State University - Isabel, Leyte. It is prepared at the Department of Engineering under the guidance and supervision of Mr. Sammy L. Bastes



Nature and Importance of the Study

Nowadays, technology is the primarily issue of every individual that exists in our nation. Because of this so called technology people were fond of surfing the net to be connected such as social media and other applications which people uses now. And for this people are connected to each other.

As time passes by, also things in our surrounding evolves and technology was made. As the peoples mind improve and evolve, they want to create and discover some thing’s in people’s lives that were undiscoverable. Because of these curiosities, people want to have changes of their lifestyle of living. They wanted to lessen and create techniques to minimize hardships on doing a kind of job that was a lot of time and effort was consumed. And for that much innovation of things was occurred in order to satisfy the needs and wants of people. In this era, people were primarily facing the technology. And technology is important because it is highly needed in individual’s life. Especially in company firms, they prefer to use computers to their business effectively and successfully in order to ensure the future for their business to widen and increase their sales and profit. In business industries, sales and profits are the main goals of the people who are part of it. And usually competition arises between two parties and clash of techniques in business was formed. According to Prime Software managing sales transactions and monitoring stock inventory movement has never been easier. To have a real time inventory updates per sales transaction enables you to have an accurate and audit friendly inventory count. Track item transaction history and validate them with sales invoices and stock receipts. Monitor purchases from supplier, generate comprehensive sales and inventory reports. With the use of these aids the system will be easier. Through the years, technology improves organizational responsiveness and flexibility, support greater collaboration and increase the return on a company’s investment in knowledge and expertise (Ian Linton). With the use of this tool, works would be easier and faster. Manual works would be converted to automated ones to lessen the tasks or processes which can benefit not just the company but also to the employees who handles the task. In other way, technology provides the users with sufficient, accurate, efficient and concise information which the users can access everywhere, anywhere around the globe. Web-based system will always be a part of technology especially in this generation. It is the ultimate way to take advantage of today’s technology to enhance our organization productivity and efficiency. Web-based applications gives us an opportunity to access our business information from anywhere in the world at anytime. It stands as one of the trends and newest technology which will be used in every individual who knows how to use computers. It gives us an easiest and fastest way to access information which will be needed in our daily lives. And provides us the concise information which we want and expected to have. Creating this kind of system is very crucial to every student which is facing the real world of Information Technology. You must have to generate an acceptable, efficient, accurate and user friendly system that will help the users navigate the system faster and freely. Although it...
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