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CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK:-It is a common belief that marketing is concernd with sales and customer satisfaction only. Though it is true to certain extent, yet marketing is not simply concerned with sales and profit maximization. In fact depending upon the type or stage of demand the marketing task would differ. The study is based on sales and distribution techniques with a special ref. of L.G. electronic product. To know the influences of the techniques of sales and distribution it is important to prepare a study which provides the result of the better sales and distribution methods and techniques. T he primary goal of marketing is plan is to get the people to buy your product & services. The sales and distribution part of the marketing plan details how this is going to happen. Traditionally there are three parts to the sales and distribution section of the marketing plan, although all three parts may not apply to your business; how is your product and services going to get to the customer? For instance, will you distribute your product or services through a website, through a mail, through sales representative, or through retail? In direct distribution channel, the product or services goes directly from manufacturer to consumer. In a one stage distribution channel it goes from manufacturer to retailer to consumer. The traditional distribution channel is from people and\or technologies that will be involved in the process of getting your product or services to your customer. If business involves setting a product, you should also include information about inventory levels and packaging in this part of your marketing plan. INTRODUCTION TO SELLIN AND SALES MANAGEMENT

Marketing programs are designed around four elements of the marketing mix; products to be sold, pricing, promotion, and distribution channels. The promotion component includes advertising, public relations, personal selling, and sales promotion (point-of-purchase displays, coupons and sweepstakes).Note that advertising and sales promotion are no personal communications, whereas sales peoples talk directly to customers. Thus, where advertising and sales promotion ”pull” merchandise through the channel, personal selling provides the “push” needed to get orders signed. With public relations, the message is perceived as coming from the media rather than directly from the organization. Personal selling involves two way communications with prospects and customers that allow the sales person to address the special needs of customers. It is often the job of sales person to uncover special the need of customer. When customers have questions and concerns; the sales person is there to provide appropriate explanation. Furthermore, personal selling can be directed to qualified prospectus, whereas great deals of advertising and sales promotions are wasted because many people in the audience have no use for the product. Perhaps the most important advantage of personal selling is that it is considerably more effective then advertising, public relations & sales promotion in identifying opportunities for creating value for the customer and gaining customer commitment. The person responsible for management of the field sales operation is SALES MANAGER. He\She may be the first line manager directly responsible for the day-to-day management of sales people, or may be positioned at higher level in the management hierarchy, responsible for directing the activities of the other manager. In either case, sales management focuses on the administration of personal selling function in the marketing mix. This role includes the planning, management & control of sales programs, as well as the recruiting, training, Compensating, motivating and evaluating the of field sales personnel. Sales management can thus be defined as: The planning, organizing leading & controlling of personal contact program designed to achive the sales and profit objectives of the firm....
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