Salem Witch Trials Victims: The Salem Witch Trials

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Massachusetts bay colony 17th century, those who were under suspicion of consorting with the devil were examined as a felon and sent to Jail then there would be a trial. When the outbreak broke out everyone was so scared and just started to accuse people in the village if they did one wrong move. There were more people getting charged and going to jail then there was of people getting sent to the gallow’s. When it all broke out it scared people, the aftermath was sad for families who were in it and the possible causes of why it started all line up.
Spring of 1692 in Salem village, Massachusetts was where the Salem witch trials took place ("Salem Witch Trials"). People noticed that a group of young girls looked to be taken over by the devil ("Salem Witch Trials"). The mayor decided to make a “witch cake” which helps the person who is possessed tell who is there tormenter ("Salem Witch Trials"). The girls said three names Sarah Osborne, Sarah Good, and Tituba Indian ("Salem Witch Trials"). Out of the three women Sarah Good was the only person who died and was the second person to die all together ("The Salem Witch Trials Victims: Who Were
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Most of the people in jail stayed there because they had no money to get themselves out ("Salem Witch Trials"). The government took land claims from families who were sent to jail during the Salem witch trials ("Salem Witch Trials"). Tim Sutter claims,” Houses and fields were left unattended, and the planting season was interrupted.” From all the crop failure the villagers thought the man upstairs was punishing them for killing innocent people ("Salem Witch Trials"). On January 13, 1697 was a day of fasting and pray circles from the lesson they thought they were getting from god ("Salem Witch Trials"). Rev. Samuel Parris ,who was the head Rev. during the trials, and his family moved away from Salem village in April 1696 ("Salem Witch

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