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Sale Proposal

By Kdktk1 May 05, 2013 2022 Words
Kevin Powell
350 Broadway, Buchanan NY

March 22, 2013
Nastassia Coleman
43 Main Street, While Plains, NY

Dear Ms. Coleman,
Are you tired of your computer moving slowly? Is it no longer performing the way it used to when it was first bought, and don’t have the funds to purchase a newer models? Well there is no need to look too far; we at Dell are here for you. We will design the right computer for you at a low price. Our new models are made to give business the competitive advantage they need for daily activities. With our latest model an increase in the performance speed, efficiency, and the latest internet security comes standard. The Dell XPS I13 is the right computer for you. Take advantage of this offer now. We will offer a 10% discount on the first 200 units you purchase. The dell XPS I13 is design with and high performance CPU that make that increase the level of productivity over the older model. It comes equip with the latest operation system, which allow you to run multiple programs at the same time with no reduction in its performance. It also comes with the latest internet security software that protects your computer from viruses and spyware. It comes standard with internet explorer 8, that get you to website with the push of a bottom. Problem

In the world filled with technology, every piece of hardware has a lifespan. Sometime companies try to push their equipment beyond it limits and problems occurs ("Business it: When," 2012). Some of these problems are: some business is still using windows XP. This operating system was great maybe 10 years ago, now it is just a problem waiting to occur. Windows xp can’t handle the performance of newer problem that business may need. It will cause the computer to move slow, freeze, or crash. By upgrading the hardware and not the operating system of the computer, yes there will be an improvement; but the computer still won’t perform as good as it could. Internet security is a big issue when using an older computer. Viruses and hacker have developed over the years, and your computer might be vulnerable because of attacks over the years and an out dated security software. Due to the years of pushing your computer to it limit. It will now perform slower than it did back then. This is because it is underpowered and performing more than expected. All these problems will reduce the productivity for your business. (Jacobson, 2009) Solution

Technology is progress at a rapid rate and their standards are changing. Business are faced with the decision of upgrading their computers or not base on the cost. Main businesses that upgrade their computer see improvement in the capabilities. Jobs are now seeing an increase in performance when the upgrade (Goessl, 2010). Jobs can be finish quicker and more things can be done. The phrase” Time Is Money” can be use in this case. No more worry about viruses and hackers, with our new models computer with the latest in internet security. Your computer is always protected, with online support if needed. By upgrading your older computer to our new XPS I13 model, your business will see a significant increase in productivity. A faster CPU and operating system means that more can be done with less time. (Vitez, 2010). Our models come with the latest in internet security, which mean hacker and viruses are things from the pass. All this features are included in our reliable XPS I13. The latest technology at a low price, what more can you asks for? Thanks for taking the time to read my product and how it will benefit your business. If you would like to hear more about the different advantage the XPS I13 have over older models, you can contact me at (935) 1344788 or by email at


Kevin Powell

Upgrade your Computer
Systems with us at Dell
Submitted by:
Kevin Powell
Submitted to:
Nastassia Coleman
43 Main Street, While Plains, NY

Prepare for:
Writing for Business Professionals

This sales letter states the some of the advantage that business will get when they upgrade their company computers. These benefits include internet security, faster performance that increases productivity, as well as the latest technology all at a reasonable price. It also states the problem some businesses are facing because they have not upgraded their computer. Business that are using windows xp operating system and the issue they face, slower performance, computer freezes or crash.

Table of Content

Abstract 3
Table of content 4
Table of Figures 5
Executive Summary 6
Introduction 7
Literature Review8
Plan 9
Budget 10
Discussion 11
Work cited 12

Table of figures

Executive Summary

Entergy is not performing the way that I should be due to the fact that they are using outdated computer system to perform their daily work. There are many issue that the company is faced with by using these computer, some of them are: computers are freezing up due to the excessive work they are performing , systems are moving slower and less work are being done , the internet software is not up- to-date so systems are vulnerable to spyware .

After some calculation your company can receive this new system with the latest technology at a cost of $100,000 for 200 units. These systems are design to increase the performance of the work your employees are doing, so they are able to do more work at a faction of the time Is normally took with the old computers. Each system comes with the latest internet security software to help protect against spyware.

By upgrading your systems with us at Dell , we will include a 3 year Business warranty that covers both hardware and software issues that your new system will develop over time, the latest technology at an affordable price , what more can your business ask for .

Many companies used computer to perform job activities, whether to process information manufacture new equipment or just gather information on a whole. However, when companies use outdated computer to do their jobs, it can be time consuming, slow and unprotected. Because of this companies might not get the result they require. We at Dell are here to help companies that are faced with these issues. As one of the leading computer developers, we consider the company’s need when developing the next computer for your company.

One of the things we at Dell look at when developing these systems is how to make them affordable with the latest technology. We design our computer to perform at the top of its class. Your company will experience faster performance speed, better online protection, and a computer that is able to do multiple tasks at the same time.

Literature Review

Upgrading company computer

There are many companies that are not performing the way that it should. This problem maybe because the company is using outdated computer to perform their daily tasks. As technology progress at a rapid rate standards are always changing and business are consistently faced with the decision of whether to upgrade their computers. It might be expensive to acquire new hardware and software for business computer. However, as with any investment, you will need to put in order to get something out of it.

By upgrading old company computer to modern ones the company might be able to save money in the long run. One of the benefits of using an upgraded computer is that it increases productivity. New computer system may offer significant improvement or changes for improving employee productivity (Vitez, 2010). The phrase “time is money” come into play. If new model computer can make the job run quicker and better, then in the long run it can it is a money saver and maker. Faster systems can result in more processing, less customer wait time (Goessl, 2010). Another benefit that comes from using an upgraded company computer is it might have better internet security. Some of the latest model computers are built with the latest internet security that will protect the user from viruses and hacker while they are online.

Companies need to do careful system analysis when purchasing new equipment. Understanding the process, goal the equipment is going to be use for and the daily task is an essential part of the upgrading process. Without a basic understanding of these steps the upgraded equipment might not provide the efficiency that it should.

This proposal is to have Entergy Nuclear Corporation upgrade their outdated computers to newer models, by doing this the company will see a difference in the speed and performance with the tasks that they are doing. Development

In order for this project to be successful, programmers and designer will need detail information on the various activities the computer will be performing on a daily base. So that Dell can create the best computer to fit the company’s needs. The topics that will be discussed are:

* Can the computer perform multiple duties at the same time * How fast can those duties be perform
* Is it protected for online usage

To do list:
* Gather information on the basic function that the computer will be performing on a daily base * Design a cost efficient model for testing
* Send model to customer for additional feedback on where improvement needs to be implemented * Implement the improvement and see finish units to the customer.

This plan will only cost your company $100,000 to replace 200 outdated computer units and install the latest design that we at Dell have design for your company’s needs. Included in the cost is the shipping and handling fees, so if there is any damage to any unit on arrival we will replace it free of cost. A 2 year internet protection agreement to keep your system protected from spyware while using the internet. The latest in Microsoft office for the everyday business use, as well as a 4 year technical support agreement for any assistance.

Dell will also offer a 3 year Business warranty for the purchasing of 100 units of more. This warranty will cover any issues that will affect the hardware or software of the computer over a 3 year period.

We at Dell are here to help your company improve in the performance and productivity of its computer systems. We recently took a look at the systems your company uses, and found out that it was outdated. Employees are have problems getting their jobs done on a timely manner because the system is not performing the way that it use to when it was first install. Some employees had to redo work that was already done because the system froze up on them, they had to work loner hour to get the daily duties done.

With the proposal that I have, Dell will design a computer that fits the needs of your company, these new system are design to increase the performance and productivity of your employees work on a daily base. So more work can be done n a faction of the time it normally took.

Work cited

Goessl, L. (2010, October 20). Top money saving reasons to upgrade business computers. Retrieved from

Jacobson, L. (2009, November). Replacing old computers: A guide for small business. Retrieved from

Vitez, O. (2010, April 10 10). Why should a business upgrade a computer system read more: Why should a business upgrade a computer system? Writing, A. (n.d.). What are the advantages of computers in business? Retrieved from

Business it: When is it time to upgrade? (2012, Feb 03). Retrieved from Why you should upgrade your computer... (n.d.). Retrieved from

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