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Kevin Powell
350 Broadway, Buchanan NY

March 22, 2013
Nastassia Coleman
43 Main Street, While Plains, NY

Dear Ms. Coleman,
Are you tired of your computer moving slowly? Is it no longer performing the way it used to when it was first bought, and don’t have the funds to purchase a newer models? Well there is no need to look too far; we at Dell are here for you. We will design the right computer for you at a low price. Our new models are made to give business the competitive advantage they need for daily activities. With our latest model an increase in the performance speed, efficiency, and the latest internet security comes standard. The Dell XPS I13 is the right computer for you. Take advantage of this offer now. We will offer a 10% discount on the first 200 units you purchase. The dell XPS I13 is design with and high performance CPU that make that increase the level of productivity over the older model. It comes equip with the latest operation system, which allow you to run multiple programs at the same time with no reduction in its performance. It also comes with the latest internet security software that protects your computer from viruses and spyware. It comes standard with internet explorer 8, that get you to website with the push of a bottom. Problem

In the world filled with technology, every piece of hardware has a lifespan. Sometime companies try to push their equipment beyond it limits and problems occurs ("Business it: When," 2012). Some of these problems are: some business is still using windows XP. This operating system was great maybe 10 years ago, now it is just a problem waiting to occur. Windows xp can’t handle the performance of newer problem that business may need. It will cause the computer to move slow, freeze, or crash. By upgrading the hardware and not the operating system of the computer, yes there will be an improvement; but the computer still won’t perform as good as it could. Internet security is a big issue when using an older computer. Viruses and hacker have developed over the years, and your computer might be vulnerable because of attacks over the years and an out dated security software. Due to the years of pushing your computer to it limit. It will now perform slower than it did back then. This is because it is underpowered and performing more than expected. All these problems will reduce the productivity for your business. (Jacobson, 2009) Solution

Technology is progress at a rapid rate and their standards are changing. Business are faced with the decision of upgrading their computers or not base on the cost. Main businesses that upgrade their computer see improvement in the capabilities. Jobs are now seeing an increase in performance when the upgrade (Goessl, 2010). Jobs can be finish quicker and more things can be done. The phrase” Time Is Money” can be use in this case. No more worry about viruses and hackers, with our new models computer with the latest in internet security. Your computer is always protected, with online support if needed. By upgrading your older computer to our new XPS I13 model, your business will see a significant increase in productivity. A faster CPU and operating system means that more can be done with less time. (Vitez, 2010). Our models come with the latest in internet security, which mean hacker and viruses are things from the pass. All this features are included in our reliable XPS I13. The latest technology at a low price, what more can you asks for? Thanks for taking the time to read my product and how it will benefit your business. If you would like to hear more about the different advantage the XPS I13 have over older models, you can contact me at (935) 1344788 or by email at


Kevin Powell

Upgrade your Computer
Systems with us at Dell
Submitted by:
Kevin Powell
Submitted to:
Nastassia Coleman
43 Main Street, While Plains, NY

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