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Watching a school teacher coach multiplication to his or her 3rd grade students is not as entertaining as it is beneficial. “The President of the United States makes roughly $200,000 a year” (Cambridge) to oversee that the world is secure and formulates time –consuming decisions that will affect over millions of peoples lives. He is responsible for the rise and fall of our economy yet his salary still does not equate to that of any professional athlete. However, I’ve seen a few presidents on television and despite their powers, authority, and admiration, I wouldn’t pay to go see them make legislative decisions and pass papers around all day. On the contrary, I would pay to see LaBron James or Chris Paul put a move on a defender and finger roll or slam dunk it home- that’s enjoyment. Guo once stated in an editorial titled Professional Athletes’ Salaries, “Sports were and still are highly valued in our society; however I do realize that there are more important things to focus on…” If we can propel communities to be more active in school board meetings, neighborhood crime watcher clubbing events, give to the needy fundraisers, and remain sickly, possibly we can boost the attention toward our more important matters and our under paid public officials. The fact of the matter is it’s the rate we often place on pro athletes’ worthiness. Although the teacher, preacher, doctor, and policeman holds a much bigger responsibility for making a difference in each and every one us, their profession isn’t “ invested in as much” for lack of a better phrase. Yet, this does not constitute a cynical sentiment about the player nor the sport. I truly believe when athletes can’t perform up to their fans expectations, there is a depressing type ambiance engulfing that player. Is it fair that one can miss an entire season and weep the same benefits as those busting their butts out on the field everyday? In the 2007-2008 Season, Alex Rodriguez, a third baseman for the New York...
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