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How Sane Are We?
Anuradha Chaudhary

Literal Comprehension:

The Essay "How Sane Are We?" by Anuradha Chaudhary is based on environmental problem. Basically, she presents her ideas that human beings have been too much irresponsible and indifferent to the conservation of the environment and she predicts that it will make their life quite difficult. She believes that due to human indifference, rapid urbanization and industrialization, the environment is getting heavily polluted. Mainly she believes that the gases produced from the industry, mishandling the chemicals and the excessive use of CFCs have greatly contributed for the destruction of ozone layer which causes skin cancer, green house effect and other various epidemics. Similarly, people have been greatly suffering from other various natural calamities such as flood but still people don't seem concerned to the direction of its preservation. Finally, she believes that if it continues, it will be impossible to continue life on it.


The text being a piece of a study of environment centers on the environmental problem. Here, the text asserts the importance of environment on human life and it must be preserved for the sake of continuity of human life. Presenting such ideas, the essayist is appealing to all to preserve the environment.

Critical Thinking:

So far the essay presents the ideas on environmental problems and issues, it is very appreciative in a sense that it warns the people and makes them conscious for the conservation of the environment. But the essayist only concerns on the destruction and only destruction. She completely ignores the positive signs and steps carried out in this concern. As a result she appears to be so partial and full of biasness.


As I read this story, it has made me draw my attention towards the degraded environment of Kathmandu. Seeing its condition, it is true that we have really been too much indifferent and irresponsible. People here in Katmandu are suffering from various environmental problems, such as air pollution, water pollution, lack of open space and so on. As a result, life's getting too much difficult. Similarly, due to the river pollution, the aquatic life is also much affected. If it continues, there will be too difficult to sustain life in the days to come. So it has compelled me to take some action for its improvement. A critique by Anuradha Chaudhary on HOW sane are we ?

In her argumentative article on the environment, "How Sane Are We?" Anuradha Chaudhary raises a central question about human nature: Are human beings collectively rational or irrational? Her answer is: on the whole they act in an irrational manner.The quotation from Rudyard Kipling at the beginning of the essay makes it clear that wehave failed to maintain things that our ancestors had done. By this failing we havedoomed ourselves. Our stupidity is criminal. By unthingkingly postponing the most essential thing to be done, we have been too late in doing it and as such we have betrayed our ancestors and destroyed our children. In Kipling's poem it is the dikes that were not carefully maintained that spell disaster; in Chaudhary's essay it is the destruction of the environment that threatens our survival. The comparison is accurate. Chaudhary begins by saying that her eight years experience in teaching environmental biology has made it clear to her that her students are intelligent enough to understand the facts of ecology but they fail to make connections between ecology and politics. The problem with them, as she sees it, is that they can "comprehend" things but fail to "assimilate" them. That is a sad failing in education and she feelshelpless about it. The reason for this failing may be due to the simplistic assumption of her students that people in responsible positions act responsibly and that they have the intellectual capacity to see things in their proper perspective and decide accordingly. The...
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