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A breadwinner is someone who portrays themselves as people who willingly give up all that they can to support the family. In the book “the breadwinner”, a girl named Parvana is chosen to be the breadwinner of her family for two reasons. One is because her father was taken to prison for being educated and two because she was the only one who could do it. The book “the breadwinner” had various themes to it but only one stood out. The theme of never losing hope is one of the most important lessons this book could teach anyone. The book showed this motive in many ways. They showed it in a vague way, a questioning way, and a definite way. The theme of never giving up showed up in this novel in many chapters. In chapter six Parvana and her family come up with a way to survive poverty, but they don’t really tell you the real message of never giving up hope. They convey this message by dressing Parvana up as a boy to make the family some money therefore giving the family some hope that they could survive. Also in chapter ten they show the theme of never giving up in a questioning sort of way. In this chapter they show Parvana digging up bones to make even more money but Parvana’s mother questions herself whether she agrees with this or not. In the final chapter of the book, they show a definite way to show that they aren’t giving up hope. In this chapter Parvana and her father decide to go to Mazar to find the rest of their family and this shows how much hope Parvana has that they are still alive. Themes are spread all over the book, but noticing them is quite hard. The main motive of this book which sticks out the most is “never giving up hope”. This motive is placed almost everywhere in this novel but is really hard to find in some chapters. Parvana and her family are the ones who show this motive and this could show for what is to come in the next book “Parvana’s journey”. Every time the family shows hope, it always works out for them and it also helps them to.

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