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5.0 SWOT analysis
5.1 Strength
Sakae Sushi has over 200 variety of sushi and sashimi in their menu and new variety of dishes are being introduced to cater to different group of customers. For example, Japanese style burgers can be found at the West Coast Plaza outlet. Sakae Sushi has a strong brand name associated with good value of money, good quality and healthy Japanese food. Sakae Sushi provides a delivery system in which customers can place their orders conveniently through their delivery website. This allows customers to enjoy Sakae Sushi food at the comfort of their home or office and allow Sakae Sushi to reach out to more customers. Sakae Sushi has tied up with major banks on credit card promotion. For example, OCBC credit cards users get to enjoy 30% rebate for their bill, Standard Chartered and Maybank members get to enjoy 1 for 1 red plate promotion. This allow Sakae Sushi to reach out to different market segments such as the higher-end customers through promotions and deals Sakae Sushi patented conveyor belt system and their interactive menu enhances customer satisfaction and dining experiences, increases productivity and efficiency of Sakae Sushi staffs. 5.2 Weakness

There is lack of strong Japanese culture being displayed in the outlet. For example, staffs working in the outlet should wear Japanese costume and they should greet customers in Japanese. Japanese music and Japanese television programs should be play in the outlet. The interior design of the outlet should be design in Japanese style for example decorating it with Japanese paintings, ornaments etc. Some of the Sakae Sushi’s outlets overseas are owned and operated by franchisees. There are several disadvantages for Sakae Sushi as the franchisor for example, they is potential loss of profit for them and the possible loss of revenue through fraud. In addition, franchisees might also tarnish the reputation of Sakae Sushi if they could not emulate the same quality of food products...
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