Saint Teresa

Topics: Earth, Universe, Religion Pages: 1 (270 words) Published: October 22, 2013
Saint Teresa makes earth sound very atrocious. Her view of the world is definitely different from any other view of the world I have seen. She shapes her world to evolve around God and to always be with God, practically placing God as her lover. She portrays the earth as a very sinful place, which in some sense is true but not everything is immoral. She reflects back to when she would read books and care for her appearance as a bad habit. She expresses that the current world has too many imperfections that needs work. She’s very narrow-minded with her beliefs. She shows throughout her entire journey how God is always there for her and how she is always there for God. In a way I feel sorrow for her because it seems like she only has one viewpoint in life. She didn’t have the freedom to go explore since she was already placed within a religious setting and there wasn’t much for a women back in that time period to do. Every step she took, she felt like she was creating a sin. But soon enough every step she took, she took God with her. I’m not trying to say that is a bad thing because she did help out with the Catholics and help reform the Discalced Carmelites. She reflects her writings off of the experiences she has seen and she believes she is speaking the truth. She turned to God, in a time of need and she wants to show others that God is there to help improve your life as well.
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