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Select one of the businesses you have researched. Refer back to their aims and objectives. Write a report with an assessment of how the organisation meets its aims and objectives, with appropriate examples – for example, figures showing how the organisation is achieving its sales targets.

Report on Sainsbury’s aims and objectives

Introduction: Below I have written about how Sainsbury’s met their sales targets. How the price war of the supermarket has affected Sainsbury’s and what they have changed to fight back. How Sainsbury’s have capitalized on their sales. How they are opening even more stores within different areas and how their profit is rising.

Sales and targets:

* The latest sales and targets which Sainsbury’s has met were in the year of 2009. * This supermarket had raised £432M as their expansion plans had accelerated. * The chief executive of the company said the money would give the company the flexibility to expand in growth as well as to be more "further and faster". * The money did come along the way from selling shares of the company and having bonds. * The total amount of money which came from the selling of shares was £242M and £190M came from the convertible bonds. * The total sales included more floor space and we “were up 3.2% in the quarter”.

Price war:

* All the supermarkets are having a price war at the moment over their own branded products as they are selling them at cheaper prices and giving there consumers raw prices on larger packs. * Sainsbury’s as an organisation is setting quite a few sales targets that are to be achieved in a few years time. * The organisation is not achieving targets as yet but have set targets for the coming years e.g. stepping up the price war as a goal target of the year 2020, halving there packaging prices(using less packaging on their own products etc). * They have set 20 new targets which are all to be achieved by the year of 2020. * One of their...
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