Sainsbury’s Energy Policy

Topics: Carbon dioxide, World energy resources and consumption, Sainsbury's Pages: 4 (1177 words) Published: October 19, 2008
Sainsbury’s (also known J Sainsbury PLC as its parent company) is a chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom. The group also has interests in property and banking. The group has an estate worth about £8.6 billion (March 2007). Till 1995, it was UK's largest grocer (losing to Tesco at the year and was then pushed into third by ASDA in 2003). However, the company's fortunes have improved since the launch of a recovery programme by Justin King (the company’s Chief executive officer) in 2004. They work on to improve and develop their product ranges and to meet their responsibilities to the environments they operate in. From 2006, Sainsbury’s has an estimate of 153,000 employees.

Energy performance in the last year
Energy Efficiency 2006/2007
425 kg CO2/m2 — With green (electricity) purchase
44 kg CO2/m2 — Green purchase

Total Tonnes CO2, Energy 2006/2007
658,166 tonnes CO2e — With green electricity purchase
64,500 tonnes CO2e — Green (electricity) purchase
This is a 3.5% energy efficiency saving on last year

Energy efficiency
Sainsbury’s consumes a significant amount of electricity per day. They want to reduce the use of energy and doing so means both lower operational costs and lower CO2 emissions. They have a long history in tracking energy performance; this includes the installation of one of the first intranet energy monitoring and targeting systems across all our stores in 1994. Improvements in energy efficiency are tracked by monitoring Carbon Dioxide emissions per square metre of sales space (CO2/m2), as well as total emissions. Their current target is to reduce CO2 emissions per square metre by 25% against a 2004/2005 baseline by 2012.

Working with others
Sainsbury’s have a long history of working closely with the Carbon Trust and are currently working on a new five-site energy and waste study. This trial looks at reducing Carbon emissions by improving current practice in energy and waste management, which if applied across the...
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